The Deubrook Student Focus Team (SFT) is a group consisting of teachers, administrators, school counselors and other personnel.  The purpose of this team is to address four areas of concern: attendance, academics, behavior and school health. Examples of concerns include: failing classes, high absenteeism or tardiness, signs of depression, anger/violence, discipline problems, or physical illness. 

The SFT is designed to be...
  • Student Centered
    Focused on the student and the reason for referral.
  • Open An always open referral system that allows anyone to refer such as school staff, parents, students and community members.
  • More than Academics
    We look at the child as a whole and focus on more than academics - like attendance, behavior and health.
  • Proactive
    SFT intends to be proactive not reactive so we can address the situation before it becomes a serious problem or crisis.
  • Assistance
    The team is focused on providing assistance or intervention as the situation warrants.