Detroit's Green Solutions

Green Features: Constructed Wetlands, Landscape with Native Plants
Address: 1400 Atwater
Contact: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Description: The Lowlands area of William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor includes a stormwater management area that treats of "on site" storm water with the capability of cleaning "off site" storm water as well. The park is landscaped with a variety of native plants, shrubs, and trees. The park has placed an emphasis on being "green" which includes LED lighting throughout most of the park.

Green Features: Cistern, Permeable Pavers, Landscape with Native Plants
Address: 71 Garfield
Contact: Zachary & Associates, Inc.

Description: 71 Garfield was renovated in 2009-2010 into an historic apartment building that had suffred through fires and considerable vandalism. Where there once was no roof, the new 7,500 sq. ft. roof is a real workhorse, built with a white reflective rubber membrane, a 20 KV array for solar and additional solar hot water systems. Rention of storm water from the roof is estimated at 134,000 gallons per year that ios diverted to a 3,000 gallon underground cistern. This water is used for irrigation of the new landscaping that also uses permeable pavers.

Green Features: Permeable Pavers, Downspout Disconnection, Rain Barrel, Landscape with Native Plants
Address: 4444 Second
Contact: Green Garage

Description: The green alley is bordered by businesses, such as the Green Garage and Motor City Brewing Works, apartment buildings, such as the Blackstone, and a residence. Reused bricks and cement were used for the middle strip of the alley, bordered by permeable pavers, which were then bordered by garden beds with Michigan native plants. The idea, other than aesthetics, is to keep all of the rainwater that falls in the ally in the ground table and out of the sewers.

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Hannan Senior Garden                                                                                                                  
Green Features: Rain Catching Sculpture
Address: 4750 Woodward Avenue
Contact: Hannan Foundation

Description: Wayne State University artist Cevan Castle worked with Hannan Foundation to create and build a Rain Catching Sculpture in the Hannan Senior Garden. The elegant sculpture is constructed out of locally logged and milled wood, and funnels rainwater into a rainbarrel for use in the 15-year old organic garden maintained by older adults. A solar panel powers a pump to increase flow for gardeners.