Why Use Us!

I am one of a very small number of people currently breeding Giant Plakat bettas in the United States. With my first spawn,I sold nearly every fish. Toward the end i sent my leftovers to a show and they brought home awards. I sent the one fish i had left after that to the rest of the shows that season and won at every one. 

In addition to that i am a no-cull breeder. Many breeders will cull any fish they spawn that even for a second appears to not be "perfect". Including one top breeder who was quoted as saying:

 "Culling separates good breeders from also rans. It is my favorite activity in the fish room. It keeps me focused on what I want to accomplish and allows me to spend more time with promising fish. I don't look for good fish, I look for what I dont want. When I cant find a bad fish I quit and come back in a few days and do it again. When this process is finished I sometimes jar. Few fish ever make it to a jar."

I don't agree with that at all. I won't breed fish if i can't raise them and/or find homes for them. Just because the tail isn't the perfect shape is not reason enough for me.

Also if you are local ask about tank design & maintenance services!

There are photos of some of my current stock under the name "current stock" from the bar on the left.

 photo 903542_10200952417791367_796572809_o_zps95d8e2b2.jpg

Happy Healthy Fish

My fish are not bred in cramped cups and are fed a healthy variety of food. They are not big because I powerfeed them, they are genetically big. They are kept in large, very clean conditions to ensure you're receiving the healthiest fish possible.


Payment and Shipping

Paypal is my preferred method of payment, I'm verified, so you can use a credit card without having to sign up. I will also accept money orders. I will not ship until payment has been received.

Shipping is $15 for Priority and $30 for express for a single fish. I will combine shipping costs for multiple fish. I ship using USPS. In custom styrofoam encased boxes, with UniHeat heat pads.

Currently i can only ship to the United States, and am currently looking into shipping to Canada. I will update when i know more.