About the Project

The Detroit Data and Democracy Project provides timely policy briefs, public testimony, and authoritative perspective on education issues for regional education reporters, community leaders, and community-based organizations.  The Project is rooted in the assumption that just-in-time data and policy analysis on pressing educational and social issues can enrich public discourse about the educational sphere.  We offer as a public service rich and timely analysis in crisp, clear, and accessible language.  The succinct and visually engaging nature of many of our materials facilitates on-the-fly utilization by reporters, community leaders, and organizations eager to expand and challenge perspectives on regional educational issues that impact our communities.

About the Director

Dr. Thomas Pedroni founded the Data and Democracy Project in 2011 as a way of making information and analysis more widely available to the regional public on pressing educational issues. The Project is guided by the belief that public universities, as public institutions, have a fundamental responsibility to assist in enriching public debate around the issues that most affect the life of our communities.