We are recognizing educators and driving student achievement.
Are you ready to join us?

Delaware is renewing its commitment to putting the most effective teachers in front of the students who need them most, and we are backing this commitment with support for educators and schools through the Delaware Talent Cooperative.

The Co-Op, which includes educator awards and other supports, is about:

  • Keeping all of us focused on student learning.
  • Working together to increase the academic success of our students, particularly those who have traditionally been underserved.
  • Treating educators like the professionals they are.
  • Highlighting outstanding work at our schools.

Benefits for Educators

  • Retention awards: Between $2,000 and $10,000 over two years for eligible educators already working in participating schools. Educators can earn this award annually.
  • Formal recognition by the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) for their practice.
  • Initial training and ongoing professional development at no cost to the educator.
  • Leadership opportunities as well as opportunities to learn from others in the Co-Op.
Educators include eligible teachers, specialists, and school leaders.

Benefits for Participating Schools

  • Incentives to help participating schools retain their most effective educators and recruit others.

Participating schools all have high populations of traditionally underserved students.

What are educators saying about the Co-Op?