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UpdatusUser user folder created upon installation of 270.61

This is a breach of privacy and security of a user from NVIDIA.

While doing a backup I have found out the existence of an account called UpdatusUser on my Windows 7. 

It doesn't appear in the account management section of the control panel.

Searching on the web it appears to be related to some Nvidia driver.

What is the purpose of this account?

Does it pose some security issue?

I noticed upon installation of 270.61 a user folder was created called UpdatusUser. I uninstalled the drivers, curious as to what would happen and the user folder remained. When I reinstalled 270.61 yet another user folder was created called UpdatusUser with a modified extension (to accommodate the already created UpdatusUser I guess). Any thoughts as to what this is, can I and should I remove it and if so how? I don't want Nvidia drivers flooding my user folder with lots of strange user names! Any thoughts or advice? By frozenreads

I installed the new NVIDIA GeForce Display Driver 270.61

This new driver has more features than previous ones, a new process called daemonu.exe, self-update etc.

After installation I noticed a new user account was created with the name "UpdateusUser".

Why do you created a new user account?

This is a breach of privacy and security of a user from NVIDIA.

I don’t want this new user account from NVIDIA for updating driver.

I want to delete this new account. Please help me how to delete this NVIDIA's user account. By Bagrain

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Source: NVIDIA Corporation 


System Information

Operation system: Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)

DirectX runtime version: 11.0

Graphics card information 

Items: GeForce GTX 560

Details: Driver version: 310.70