Why Does My Grout Look So Dirty?

For people who are so particular with cleanliness, a dirty grout can be so painful to the eyes. No matter how beautiful or expensive the tile is, if it’s surrounded by a horribly dirty grout, it will always look hideous. The more confusing thing is that even if we mop or clean the tile almost every day, the development of dirt on the grout seems to be impossible to stop. Even after numerous attempts, we might ask ourselves in frustration, “Why does my grout look so dirty?” This article will give you some of the solutions to this problem.

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What makes your grout look so dirty?

Cleaning a dirty grout can be a really tedious and frustrating job especially when we don’t get the result we were hoping for, simply because we don’t know what really caused it to get so dirty. To find the solution to cleaning a dirty grout, let us know first the main reasons as to why your grout can easily look so dirty.

  • It naturally attracts dirt

Because grout is porous and rough, it easily attracts dirt and grime. The dirt and stain will be hard to remove once they stick on the grout and develops overtime and makes your grout look dirty even more.

  • Dirty mop water

Cracked grout is what makes it easy for water to seep through. Liquid substances penetrating deep within the grout will make it look discolored. This is why the water that sticks to it after mopping is the number one cause of making your grout look so dirty. This can be very frustrating because, of course, we mop our floors and tiles to keep them clean but, by doing so, we are also causing the grout to look even dirtier.

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How to make your grout look new again?

As soon as the grout is dirtied and stained, you will find it very difficult and tedious to make them shiny clean again and get its natural color back.

Hiring a professional grout cleaning service is the best way to make your grout look thoroughly clean and brand new. These services are expert in extracting all the dirt and stains from your grout. If you want, they will also apply a color seal on your grout to keep the stain and dirt that penetrates into the grout to a minimum. They can also offer you the right and proper cleaning solutions that you can use on your grout without the worry of destroying it again. To keep your tile and group from getting damaged, it is advised that you should perform regular maintenance and regular cleaning a number of times each year.

You can also choose to re-grout if you don’t want to just simply clean your original grout. Re-grouting is simply just removing the old grout and replacing it with a new one. You can perform this if you know how, but it is still advised to hire some cleaning professionals to ensure that you won’t cause any more damage on it.