WELCOME all new swimmers and families! 
Swim season 2016 is going to be the BEST EVER!


Remember to bring your swimsuit, cap, goggles, towel, t-shirt, shorts and running shoes to EVERY practice.   Dryland will be part of the season to help prevent injuries.  Be sure to check the schedule for practice times as the schedule will change as needed.
Attendance Policy

If for some reason you have to miss practice due to illness or another reason, please call Coach Judy at (home) 218.525.4688 or (work) 218.525.2063.  If you miss practice the day before a meet you will not swim in that meet. If you miss a meet for an inexcusable absence, such as having to work/babysit, you will not be eligible to swim in the next meet as well. If you miss more than 3 practices or meets with unexcused absences, you will not be eligible to letter. Swimming requires tremendous dedication and commitment; therefore it is extremely important to be at all scheduled practices for the entire schedule time.  If you need to leave a practice early, you MUST make previous arrangements with the coach.  School work and swim team are your top priorities during the season.  If you are having difficulties, please talk to the coach.

Three "Free-Bee" Days

Swimmers will be allotted three (3) excused absences, to be used at her discretion.  These absences may be used without penalty to the swimmer or diver as long as the absence does not precede a meet or is done during the taper phase of the season.  When a swimmer/diver is ill the day before a meet or misses more than half of the practice, she will not participate in the meet.

    2016 Team Captains
    Anna Rubin & Carrie Fisher


    Congratulations- Spartan Relay Winners .. again!!

    2015 Section Team with Olympian 

    Nathan Adrian 

    Duluth East Swim and Dive 2016