Next Extinction

As a boy in school, I did an experiment with fruit flies in a closed ecosystem. They multiplied and then died off as they used up their resources. Mankind, although intelligent is only slightly different, but Earth too is a closed ecosystem and the end will be the same. Thousands of years after mankind's reign, the earth will recover from us. The time of man is just a dot on the overall timeline.

Overpopulation fueled by ignorance and religious ideology will lay ruin to the life support system needed for human existence on this spaceship we call earth. Overpopulation has destroyed a decent quality of life for many people and threatens the quality of life for people everywhere, humanity needs to reduce and stabilize world population at a level that can be sustained by Earth's resources before mother nature cruelly steps in and does it for us.

I'd like to know when are world leaders going to address overpopulation? It's an unpopular topic which has been mostly avoided and would generate quite a bit of ire. With climate change being of interest to the whole world now, maybe people are beginning to see the correlation between unsustainable numbers of people and the environment. Though climate change is a crisis, the population threat is even worse

12/2015 -  Our planet is now struggling to support 7.3 billion people, and adding another million people every four days. That's like adding another San Jose, California to our global population every ninety-six hours – each year amounting to 83 million more people sharing this one, small planet. It's a frightening hurtle towards human numbers our environment simply cannot support. Population is soaring in the least developed parts of the world. Not coincidentally, these are the places on our planet where women are often denied the most basic of human rights – the ability to decide when and whether to have children. John Seager

Population Connection has been advocating for population stabilization since 1968.

The environmental problems of the Anthropocene are leading up to the 6th extinction and will quickly become painfully obvious as the issues continue to compound until massive human die-offs begin to happen, then the writings on the wall.

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