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DON’T YOU LOVE A SUCCESS STORY??? Here are just a few of Many testimonies I receive!

The GRID™ by Trigger Point Performance Therapy has been an incredible product for my clients.  I have clients that use the GRID™ before and after a workout, use to aid recovery with previous injuries,  or they experience SMRT-Core training in a private session.  The testimonies for my clients are remarkable and here are just a few!

Barb~ Lee’s Summit, Missouri :   The GRID is an amazing tool. It is unbelievable all that you can do with it. I broke my arm and had to have shoulder surgery. In using the GRID it has given me more flexibility and strength in my shoulder area. Thank you GRID and thank you Destiny Hurst for introducing it to me.  I'm hooked..
Liz, LMT, Therapeutic Kneads LLC., Lee’s Summit, MO. The SMRT core class gave me more body awareness than any other fitness class I have taken. It helped strengthen muscles I never knew I had, relieved my back, neck and knee pain and has made me feel about a decade younger! I recommend the class to anyone serious about getting back in shape to help manage their pain and to also use the roller for everyday use to maintain flexibility. 

Joanna Las Vegas, NV~  Using  the GRID™ foam roller has given me unbelievable relief!  I am now able to sit through two hour lectures in school pain free, and can get out of bed each morning!

.  The “GRID” by TPPT, changed my performance in my running, my exercise routines, my down time by assisting me in my recovery, I get to build strength within myself using the GRID in the SMRT-CORE routines and see my clients gaining new strengths and recovery levels!! Cassidy Phillips the founder and CEO for Trigger Point Performance Therapy says: “ what you tolerate you accept”   I have been so richly blessed by watching my clients, friends, family and myself feel so much better, move better, and perform even better!!  Destiny Hurst ACE Certified Personal Trainer/SMRT-Core Instructor