Join us for a Breathe Love Give class as we take an outward focus and become agents of healing and change for survivors of trauma around the globe!

"She was terrified to allow her body to be awakened. Trauma had kept her numb for so many years. Yoga was suggested for her healing but getting in touch with her body was risky. The memories that might surface, the emotion that might erupt, the pain that might be felt. The instructor moved slowly and encouraged safety and choice in every posture. It felt so empowering to her. She began to listen and give her body permission to do what felt right rather than numb out. Perhaps ...this was the beginning of unlocking the spaces where trauma had taken up residence within her. Perhaps healing was within reach... "
There are many who can relate to this story and that's why Holy Yoga is so powerful; yoga helps rewire the brain, regulate emotions and reintegrate the heart, soul, mind and body. We are passionate to be on the front lines of this cutting edge therapy work. Be with us in the month of May for Breathe Love Give; our opportunity to have an outward focus and invest in the hearts of people as they find healing from the inside out.

Come! Invite everyone you know who has never tried yoga or those who are advanced yogi's!  This is about coming together as a community, giving back because we know GOD gave us breath and bodies created to move.  Let's move together in a gentle Holy yoga practice by the lake at Lakewood Lake located off of Lakewood BLVD. In Lees Summit, Missouri.  Bring your yoga mat and your donation!  Destiny and Jill will host this event bringing you a practice that will create space for renewal, refreshment and restoration.

When: Sunday May 21st 

Where: Lowenstein Park Chipman and Pryor Rd.

Time: 4pm-5:30pm

Cost: Donations Please bring $10 or more donation

Please prayerfully consider who you can bring, who needs to be encouraged, needs healing, wants to be a part of healing stories, loves yoga, loves the outdoors!  

Currently Booking:  Soul Care Solutions for ministry teams, One on one private yoga sessions, Conferences, Wellness Retreats, and small group sessions.