Be In the Present....... Presently, where are you right now?? Where are you physically today?  Where are you mentally today?  Where are you spiritually today??  What spaces are you in right now in the present today???... I am reminded to LIVE today when I look at pictures of my past; children growing up, looking at me growing up, looking at my marriage growing up......often times memories sweet flood me, and other times regrets of did I really live in that very moment presently? Did I zoom ahead and rush the moment?  Today I CHOOSE to LIVE in the present.  Taking in everything around me and know that the present is a Present from God.  

I love this quote Staci shares in her book  Captivated by John and Staci Eldrege~  Be Present, Now we should live when the pulse of life is strong. Life is a tenuous thing.....fragile, fleeting, don't wait for tomorrow.  Be here now! Be here now!  Be here now!

11/19/16 Faith vs. Fear......
Faith : being sure of the unseen, not based on proof.   Fear: being afraid of the unknown, anxiety on account of something unexpected.......

When we are asked to do something beyond our capabilities often times we go into fear, anxiety, and cannot look beyond the what if's. We can often play scenarios in our mind of what that will look like, or not look like and we can literally just stop right there.  Our faith becomes absent because we anticipated on the account of something unexpected....and we allow our mind to idle in that space.  If we can put as much energy into fearing.. then we can have the same energy thought capacity to entertain the faith.  We have all been given a measure of faith, it is from God, He put in us this measure.  ( Romans 1: 3) We are image bearers made in His image.  God did not deposit and give us a measure of fear, that was not created in our original design.  Fear is the very opposite of what God has given. ( 2 Timothy 1:7) So both take an assurance of the unseen, but what can fear do to us?  Fear can cause all sorts of havoc in our physical bodies, mental health, social , family, and spiritual growth thus we cannot feel at or live in peace. Peace is who God IS. Shalom ~ Wholeness, Peace.   What can faith do to us?? Stretch our capacity to live outside of the box we allow ourselves to remain in, taking even God out of the box we may have put him in, growth in many things including our spiritual growth.  So knowing where these things derive out of, where they come from allows the holy to step in and know God has given me faith, he already knew I needed it here.  He is GOOD and made GOOD out of us, Fear is the opposite of GOOD and can be a decision to step right in the middle of all the goodness God has for us, and doing through us.  I know that when Fear steps in , I need to stop examine, pray, and know, God's Got this, even when I cannot see......I can pray for courage, strength, and boldness all knowing full and well I am not alone HE is with me and holds true to HIS promises!  Hold on to TRUTH Beloved!  Fear is not us!  Fear is not for us!  It is the opposite of who we are!  So be a rebel, ride against the coat tails of fear and climb on top to reach beyond what you ever imagined!  God will be there for his people! 
References: Philippians 4:6 , Matthew 6:25-34, Mark 13:11, Luke 12:11,  12: 22, 12: 29