Better Me Testimonials

Real Women, Real Results

"I have been working with Destiny for 10 months. I have seen more than my body transform but my mind as well.  Before working with Destiny I was training with another Personal Trainer who taught me to eat very little calories and some thought processes that were not fit for a healthy lifestyle.  Destiny counseled with me on a few sessions in the beginning not to discuss a menu plan, but rather looking and all the varieties of food choices I have and to look at the broader picture of what's available in clean eating.  Destiny consistently looks for ways to challenge my body in our workout training sessions, and I have lost 10 pounds and more than 10% body fat!  I often have people approach me and ask what I am doing differently.  Destiny uses various methods in physical training and continues to find creative ways to strengthen my body.  Its never boring.  She pays close attention to form, she is the best trainer I have ever had.  My core, my mind and my body as a whole has changed! I'm still a work in progress and I hope that I forever will find new challenges. Destiny inspires me to look beyond the mirror, beyond the scale, beyond what society says is "fit". Destiny inspires me to love myself, respect myself, and my Creator; to accept my short comings, and to radiate a strength from the inside out starting first with the heart.  The mind can be cruel and Destiny isn't afraid to tackle that obstacle.  She's always in my corner and when I feel disappointed in myself for  a choice I made she doesn't use it against me; she uses it as an encouraging opportunity....."  Angela, Lee's Summit, Missouri.

" My doctor said I was on a downhill path and that 
I had to start working out and change my eating 
habits. In Better Me, Destiny taught me to do that 
by changing the way I think. I have changed my 
diet radically. I have been able to quit taking two 
medications, I’ve lost 12 pounds and I’ve gone down 
two dress sizes. I feel great, and I love the change.” —Kelly Lee's Summit, Missouri

" The "Better Me" group helped me so much on my journey to break the unhealthy bond between me and food. I learned I’m stronger than I realized, and my body can do more than I ever had the confidence to believe. Six weeks is a short time, but it was a door to freedom for me in my healthy lifestyle change.” —Erica Lee's Summit, Missouri