About Me

Owner of StriveFitness, LLC./ Haven Yoga,  ACE CPT, 225 R-HYI ( Certified Holy Yoga Instructor ) Holy Yoga Touch Certified,  Associate of Applied Science in Human Services, Youth specialty. 

I aspire to empower and encourage others, in their journey, for a lifestyle change to better health, is a passion of mine.  I am a visionary; love to dream big regardless of the obstacles!  Having the experience as a Certified Personal Trainer/Coach and Holy Yoga Teacher, allows the opportunity to be a part of many incredible stories, which have all richly blessed me.  I believe “What you think about you bring about.”  (Philippians 4: 8)  Positive changes and thoughts bring forth healthy concepts and lifestyle changes.  Challenging yourself to the next level is empowering and can be harnessed in many ways including our daily activities.  My approach in coaching is a whole approach, looking at every area ~ body, mind, and soul for wellness, taking a step by step process promotes lasting changes and healing.

I seek to train individuals in one on one sessions, or in semi-private personal training and accountability groups.  I believe in integrative training and not all fits one size.  Class styles and types of sessions I teach/train are:  yoga for the athlete, Holy Yoga restore for the body and mind with Breath work, Holy Yoga Touch Massage techniques and meditation focus to connect to Christ.   TRX suspension, Strength training, HIIT Interval training, and Myofascial Techniques with tools.

A bigger part of my testimony is CHRIST is enough for me.  I have put my dreams, and weaknesses in His hands along with trusting and surrendering over my fears, doubts, hurts, and testing thoughts. This has created a GOD confidence that I never knew I had until I finally quit wrestling over my own lack of confidence and took action in my prayer life. This led me to a life of freedom, healing, joy and better health!! I have struggled with health conditions, past addictions, and sabotaging thoughts that I allowed to rule my physical and mental and spiritual health for far too long!

 I found that not only did I suffer; but that many women face these same struggles!  The past struggles have made me a  stronger woman and I realize are all a part of Christ’s bigger plan for me to go out inspire others, build others up, by encouraging, teaching, and holding them accountable with their goals by using my education and skill to train the whole body! "Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story- those HE redeemed from the hand of the foe" Psalm 107:2

Whether a client struggles with a nutritional addiction, has a poor self-image, or teaching a step by step process in to adopt a healthy lifestyle change, I am committed to  creating a plan that works personally for you!   

Currently Booking:  Soul Care Solutions for ministry teams, One on one private yoga sessions, Conferences, Wellness Retreats, and small group sessions.