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                        Go Usagi!

The Usagi are a cute rabbits alike, most famous for the delicious Mochi they make.... 

* 36 Unique Levels 
* HD on iPad/iPhone4 * Smooth level difficulty curve 
* Star Rating System
* Unique Beautiful Graphics 
* Child friendly 

The aliens on the other hand, also like this unique Mochi
Lite Version FREE!

so much so, that they have traveled, light years, to Earth to seek out the rare, 
undisturbed Usagi, from their work.

Can you help the Usagi keep their most secret Mochi safe,

and out of the tentacles of the aliens. The highly intelligent aliens, will try by all means necessary, to kill the Usagi for the secret 
Mochi. Which has been pa
ssed down by generations, of Usagi be the Hero that saves them, in this frustratingpuzzle game, and work through the 36 unique levels, to save their secret. 
Their fate is in your hands! 
Good luck may the Usagi be with you! 

Go Usagi, is a motivating game, that looks fantastic, on the ipad and iphones, with its stunning high definition visuals. 
With simple yet accurate and precise touch, and drag controls, by directing the correct arrows, in the correct place, will allow the usagi to escape to freedom. 
But it is not as simple as you may think, as the stages develop, and get very difficult, be careful to avoid the all devouring aliens, who are desperate for there Mochi... 

Star rating... 
As your skills develop along this game, by using the least amount of command arrows, you gain a star rating, 3 star rating is expert, and not for the faint hearted. 
Use your intelligence to defeat the aliens, easy to learn, and very intuitive to play, and increasingly frustrating as the levels get harder, its hard to put this game down. 
Good luck and have fun ! 

For any kind of enquiries, bug reports, suggestions, feedback, insults related to Go Usagi! Please drop us an email! We are happy to hear from you!

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