Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats Rock!

Jessica Simpson's now discontinued lines of scented and flavoured products were quite successful, and would have continued to be so were it now for a falling out with the Ottawa manufacturer which put a stop to the line.  Although what remains of her collections are certainly limited, I have amassed quite alot of her products which I am selling at incredibly reduced prices from retail.  If you know what you want, visit the Products & Pricing page, or visit the Best of the Best or Recommendations pages to gather some ideas. 
She initially started out with her DESSERT BEAUTY Collection in 2004. The most sophisticated in both appearance and quality, with scents like Juicy, Dreamy, Creamy, and Taste Delicious, which was her very own personal scent creation from this line.
Her DESSERT TREATS Collection then came in 2005. This line was created specifically to spread the fan base of her products to a younger age group.

In the fall of 2005, she came out with her very own Signature SWEET KISSES Collection.  This the only line she carried that came out with her photo on the packaging and an imprint of her original signature on each and every product.

She did have a summer promo where she came out with the TROPICAL TREATS Collection as a short stint to cap off that initial summer when the Dessert Beauty sales peaked. This line had an island inspired fragrance called Hula Girl, with fun gloss names like Koo-koo for Coconut, Passion Fruit Princess, Kiss-me Kiwi, Trya my Papaya, Maui Mango, and Pineapple Princess. 
In addition to her summer line, she also had a Holiday promo line, the COOL KISSES Collection.  It includes her limited edition flavours of Cinnamon Hearts, Peppermint Swirl, and Vanilla Ice Cream. 
Because her entire collection is edible, you will not find her fragrances strong and long lasting.  The flavour remains long after the scent has gone.  Because they are meant to be safe if consumed they do not contain the required ingredients that make fragrances last. They do go on strong when first applied, but will fade after a short time and just simply needs re-application.

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