Our pies and tarts have a base of homemade pastry with a sweet filling of fruits, custards, flavored creams or nuts. Here are the most popular.
  1. Apple Pie: two rounds of pastry enclosing slices of cinnamon sugared apples are everyones favorites, (always using local fruits).
  2. Blueberry Pie: Nothing reminds us better of summer than freshly homemade baked blueberry pie full of big and juicy berries.
  3. Pumpkin Pie: here is a great tradition of serving Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving Day in both the United States and Canada who can resist to this amazing pie?
  4. Plum Tart: Heat softens these plums so their juices are released, and they become wonderfully soft with nicely caramalize edges.
  5. Raspberry Truffle Tart: This is pure indulgence raspberry flavored truffle set in a biscotti crust, this is a 100% chocolate truffle (ganache).
  6. Triple Layer Mud Pie: with a chocolate crust and pecans this triple layer chocolate pie is great of any chocolate lover.
All our pies and tarts include the most amount of local fresh fruit. We also make custom orders, you tell us your favorite design and flavor and we will make it for you. Contact Us for more info.