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Stanford Dependencies

posted May 20, 2012, 3:43 PM by Giuseppe Attardi
Thanks to Mihai Surdeanu, I had the opportunity to test DeSR on the WSJ Penn Treebank, annotated with the Stanford Dependencies.
I used the version of the corpus annotated with the Stanford basic dependency representation, which are in a tree format.
There is also another style of repesentation, called collapsed dependencies, which collapses certain patterns, e.g., prepositions are removed and added to the label of the collapsed dependency, like "prep_in".
These could be obtained by transforming the basic trees.
My usual parser combination achieved the following scores on the development test set:
  Labeled   attachment score: 41517 / 46451 * 100 = 89.38 %
  Unlabeled attachment score: 42352 / 46451 * 100 = 91.18 %
  Label accuracy score:       43163 / 46451 * 100 = 92.92 %
These results can be compared with those obtained by Mihai using an ensemble of MaltParsers.