Desperate to Pee

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A wee-wee imminent


She is nowhere near a toilet

No one's stopping here

The girl at the right...

These girls NEED A PEE!

It's not hard to imaging where these girls are feeling the most pressure


Katie crosses her legs for obvious reasons

They're doing the pee pee dance (does anyone know the melody of that?)


Two cute girls need to pee real bad


Ash holding a waterfall in

All stalls occupied (right)

Look at the girl in front...

They need to go


This sign is so ambiguous. Is the room behind the door not a restroom, and to get to the restroom you have to follow the arrow, or does the sign point to a ladies room that's not a toilet?

Playing minigolf

Mary needs to pee

Closed toilet

"I seriously have to pee SO bad"

Blue haired girl is bursting!

They all need to pee

Liz on the bus

Some other Julia


Alison tries to walk with her legs crossed because she needs to pee so bad

The girls are dying for a wee-wee

Crossing her legs to keep it in



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