04.- Volunteering payslip

From: pemico@pemico.com
Sent: Monady, January 30, 2012 3:32 PM
To: deancca@gmail.com
Cc: mallorca@democraciarealya.es
Subject: Payslip January 2012

Payslip 30/01/2012


long name Associació del Petit i Mitja Comerc de Mallorca
address C/Patronato Obrero, 67, 07006 Palma
country ES53
email pemico@pemico.com
url http://www.pemico.com/inicio/
citizensID ES530005631
BitCoinAddress 19KTQ8we2N6jrm7x3umpdeVmPWrQ4ibHLf


name deancca
long name Catalina DE ANCOS
address address, 07006 Palma
country ES53
email deancca@gmail.com
url http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/deanca
citizensID ES530005017
BitCoinAddress 1JRTR1Xv4MQykTbY32LDzGfMfgPW85ogA


Type of work   hours salary level salary taxes net pay
Desperado job no          
Social Enterprise Volunteering yes 28 1 28 PMC 70% 8,40 PMC
Cooperative job no          
Taxes       total PMC exchange net taxes
payment to be made       19,60 PMC 1 PMC = 1 TXS 19,60 TXS


Payment of salary serial number
PMC currency, issue series number ES53PMCY2012, issue date 2012-01-01, electronic transfer to employee account of 28 PMC
Payment of taxes  
TXS currency, issue series number ES53TXSY2012, issue date 2012-01-01, electronic transfer to DRY account of 19,60 TXS
to be made by employee


name DRY-M
long name Democracia Real Ya Mallorca
address na
country ES53
email mallorca@democraciarealya.es
url http://mallorca.democraciarealya.es/
citizensID ES530000000
BitCoinAddress 1LexGaCh4oYcZvMZKAWDTRbG4G4fcnCQCS