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posted Mar 5, 2012, 6:55 AM by Desperado PEREZ   [ updated Jul 20, 2014, 4:15 AM ]
The means for the Great Transition [1] towards a new economy will, at the end, be political. A party o parliamentary coalition will need to win elections at each country to make it become law with full democratic legitimacy.

In most countries, the Great Transition will require a constitutional change [2]. A referendum will need to be formulated and won. 

It will take some time for the current "Indignados", or OWS, or similar movements, to give birth for such a structured party or parliamentary representation and fuel it until parliamentarian victory. 

The social composition of the protest will change. From the well educated, young, and socially supported average profile of the first wave of protesters, which has lost the future but has means to survive, the protest centre of gravity will move towards the more severe victims of the crisis, the poorest, the less educated, to the older unemployed with no hope, to families with not a single employment, no income, no support, no shelter, to families in which children may suffer hunger. We move from "indignados" to "desperados".

As desperation of the thrown out, - the desperate, the desperados - , mounts, the movement will have it very difficult to stay peaceful. This example of a desperate unemployed calling a Spanish radio [3], represents well probably millions, and is rising.  Greece riots [4], are only the beginning.

The desperados are an easy flank for tactics of creation of wars between the poor: immigrants against local, men against woman, Muslims and Christians, employed and unemployed, clean jobs and polluting jobs; they are an easy flame under provocation; they will easily slip into outlaw survival means, and systemic incrimination. We have seen how social degradation comes along with engagement in mafias that provide survival trough drugs and robbery.

This unavoidable explosion in violent terms, or outlaw means for a living, puts at risk the legitimacy of the movement, makes it much more vulnerable to propaganda and repression, and will make its progress towards the Parliament much more difficult. In the presence of violence, votes of many layers of the 99% will turn towards the social democrats and even the right.

For these desperados, political debate comes second. A lower level of education facilitates also more primitive reactions. First come the solutions for today. Else, what remains is expressing anger.  

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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