05.- Desperado jobs

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Local economy agents, and in special SMEs, have to be provided with a smooth entry into the new economy. The desperado “job” pretends to provide the bridge. It builds the alliance of the alternative economy with the local SMEs.

Most companies, in special SMEs would not be able to offer new posts. They would not offer these posts even offered for free, because they would mean an increase in production, with the associated increase in raw materials, and because they have already excess of production capacity and in many cases excess of stock. Even part of the minimal stock is not sold. In food distribution, keeping a minimum portfolio of products is bound to have a percentage unsold and outdated, send to the trash.

Even if they would like to pay in kind the salary of such posts, most legislation in advanced countries would not allow it.

A desperado job provides an alternative. A desperado job is a volunteering occupation of an unemployed at an Insula Social Enterprise at activities aiming at achieving the enterprise mission, that is, at getting food, clothes, energy, shelter etc. for the desperados. The Insula Social Enterprise will pay the desperado job with a local currency, for example with a currency that represents a bond on products of shops associated to the Insula Enterprise. 

Priority job: Support to local commerce, "buy local"

In the THE END OF MONEY AND THE FUTURE OF CIVILIZATION [1], Thomas H. Greco talks about the competitive advantages that alternative currencies can provide to local companies, and in special SMEs. In chapter sixteen, he talks about a "A Regional Economic Development Plan Based on Credit Clearing". 

The step one, the take off move, is to provide local companies that associate with such a program with services in the commercial phase in this line of "buy local”. Entertainment (shopping nurseries), services to customers (loading the cars, home distribution of shopping), art performances, publicity, videos, local radio presence, web presence, are simple tasks that can be performed by the less qualified unemployed desperados, if properly organised, and can mean a difference in sales. These services can be paid as external services and mean no official job.

Publicity is a very expensive resource only available to big corporations. The best brains in marketing of the Insula could work at designing a portfolio of professional promotion campaigns for local industries with creative approaches not based on media, but on the availability of unoccupied time of the desperados. Others could organise, train, dress, the desperados to do the job in a skilled manner. Invent a label that shops and companies can stick at a visible place to show they collaborate with the solidarity works. 

Qualified desperados could volunteer helping at marketing the services to commerce and industry associations, and organize the local currency systems that can allow for a larger scale second step, aiming at commerce between companies.

Probably the best legal coverage is an Insula Social Enterprise registered as NGO.

The idea is that these services are paid with currencies designed as bonds of the associated companies products. Even if the amount devoted by the companies to these bonds is not larger than their current out of date products, it may build up to a substantial value of goods. This zero level kind of agreement, in which the local companies have nothing to lose, can be increased bound to increases in sales. We call these works, organized by Insula Social Enterpises and paid with "product bonds", Desperado jobs.

Once this first step of positioning Insula Social Enterprises in the marketing of local companies products has been covered, and local industries get used to trade part of its sales through Community Currencies, the second step of setting up a meta-system for brokering or barter trade amongst local producers will come up very naturally. SMEs associations could easily take over. 


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Priority job: Treatement of waste, in special food waste

Waste treatment is a strategic sector to the movement. It belongs to the end of the lifecycle of all products and involve social, economical and environmental costs. These costs are currently not accounted. They are externalized by the companies producing the products to society as a whole. It’s a socialization of the costs to this and to future generations. Any action in the direction to diminish these costs has at least one merit, it makes the costs visible and accountable, and contributes to a green concept of economy. Any action that can make out of these costs a benefit diminishes the legitimacy of the unsustainable wrongdoing of the economic actors and legislators of today with proofs that it can be done otherwise.

Waste treatment has been a traditional occupation of outsiders and the poor.

Waste treatment is now managed by large, mostly public owned, companies, funded with public money, that simply destroy garbage with high energy consumption and dissipate any opportunity of reusing or recycling.

There are many forms of waste that offer many opportunities for reusing. For example white goods, appliances and devices, furniture, clothes, etc. We will focus on one, because its relation with one of the most urgent needs of the desperados, which is food.

EUROSTAT estimates that annual food waste generation in the EU27 at approximately 89Mt, or 179kg per capita. Food waste occurs across all sectors involved in food, like Agriculture, Manufacturing, Wholesale/Retail, Food Services and Household cooking. The PREPARATORY STUDY ON FOOD WASTE ACROSS EU 27 European Commission (DG ENV) [5] contains estimations about how and how much is wasted at each. One of the recommendations of the report is the "adoption of separate collection of food waste or biodegradable waste, for the household and/or food service sector. Subsidy for the development of separate collection and treatment infrastructure". It contains an inspiring inventory of initiatives. Another inventory can be found at Best practice - Waste management good practice examples, European Commission, Environmental Communication Networks [6].

For example FareShare in the UK [7], collects food that would otherwise be discarded by retailers, because it is damaged or nearing expiry, and distribute it to a variety of groups in need, including the homeless, the elderly, children and other communities in food poverty. Quantities of edible food waste in the Wholesale/Retail sector are very large and present enormous opportunities to increase this sort of critical activity. Early 2012, the news report that Around Athens and through out the country 250,000 free meals are distributed on a daily basis [8].

Such a food collection can be considered as part of the deal with the local food industry around the desperado jobs.

Other industrial uses include transformations to feed animals, industrial use or compost creation.


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