This I Believe.....

     I believe that education is the most powerful way to become succesful. Have you ever thought of the actual imprint education leaves on the earth? Education is so powerful that it can decide how your life will go. My life is my education, I want to become an educated person so that I can try to leave my mark in the  community. I want to do that by saving a life as a pediatrician. As a pediatrician I would be helping young ill children with their needs. It is very sad watching children and babies helplessly awaiting the worst fatality they can think of.

       I also believe that education decides how your life will go. Even though some people get lucky and win the lottery, others might just stay miserable with bill after bill that they cannot pay off. Since I Am not planning to win the lottery, education is the only sure way that I will become succesful. There may be some people that want to stop you from getting a good education, but you have to ignore them . Edith Ann once said, "I like a teacher who gives you something to take home and think about besides homework".That quote describes a teacher that cares about the future in his or her society, also known as an actual teacher. A teacher that cares about the future about the society. The minute I read that quote,I thought that teachers were very thoughtful and caring.

     If you are not educated then you cannot succeed. Without a college education your life would be very difficult. Even though some people become succssesful  without going to college, it doesnt assure the fact of having a good life without it. The more you study, the better you get paid. The less you study the harder it will become to be a happy, succsesful person. So in my opinion, the only sure way of becoming a happy,succesful person is through a solid college education. Many parents think it costs to much money to go to college, so students save money and earn scholarships. On top of all the good things that come with a college education, you get a lot smarter. Eduardo, a crazy skater, said,"college is awesome dude!". He plans on going to Stanford to become an engineer.

     One time as I was at a field trip at UC Davis and I just loved the campus. I  immidiately knew that it was going to be the college that I was going to attend. My sister is also planning on going there so it would be great to go to the same college as her. While I was at the campus I was told by a student that college is fun, so it isnt just another four years of boring school, but that you have so much fun while at college. He told me that when you go to college you become a man because you have to be able to balance both of the college experiences, the school part and the fun part.

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