My Plans For Life...

       Hello my name is Daniel, and today im going to talk about my plans for life. I live in Richmond, California and I attend Richmond High School, where I plan to receive my high school diploma. My goals in life are to graduate high school, attend UC Davis and go to medical school so I can study to become a pediatrician. I really like UC Davis because I love the campus, and they have a really good medical program. They have a very unique campus, it is big so many people ride bicycles. They also have a small lake, bowling alleys and many more features. It is a great university to attend,  and I plan to go there.

     While at Richmond High School I plan to play football, soccer, and my favorite sport of all, baseball. I have a reason for playing so many sports, football will make me stronger and more aggresive(in a positive way),  soccer will make me faster and I will get more condition, and I want to play baseball to try to get a good scholarship. Also I want to join the Health Academy at Richmond High School, so I can get prepared for the medical journey I have ahead of me. My sixteen year old sister, who loves softball, has been helping me in terms of what I need to do to become a pediatrician. From what I heard, it is not easy at all becoming a pediatrician. My parents think it cost a lot of money to attend a four year university and medical school, so they are encouraging me to apply for jobs in the summer. I also want to take as many AP classes as possible, that should give me a challenge and force me to be focused on school more than anything else. But I really want to get a high score on my SAT and ACT so that I can be confident with my college applications. The only test I am not so worried about is the California High School Exit Exam also known as the CAHSEE. Since the CAHSEE is mostly algebra, I am not really worried about it. 

     My dreams are to play either soccer or baseball at the proffesional level. But most likely I wont make it in soccer, so I want to at least try to make it to the major leagues in baseball. But my ultimate goal is to get a full grant scholarship to UC Davis,Stanford, or UCLA. By getting a full grant scholarship to any university I wouldn't have to worry about money. But all that is not impossible, but really hard to achieve, so it will take a lot of hard work, effort, and determination. On top of all of that, I want a huge house with a lake and dirtbike track. But thats all going to come after college and medical school.

     So thats how I want my life to go,  I will try to persue my dream of becoming a major league baseball player, but baseball at the college level is more than enough for me. Thank you for  the time you took from your day to read my goals in life, and have a nice day,also buckle up for safety, and never drink and drive!

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