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As many of you know from the picnic, Desnoyer Park Improvement Association has been working with the Friendly Streets Initiative this summer. We now have an online version of the survey. We ask you for your opinions and ideas on traffic issues in the neighborhood. With the responses we will generate a report to submit to city planners. The more responses we have the better.

The survey focuses on Pelham, Beverly, and St. Anthony, and there is room to make notes on other traffic issues in Desnoyer Park. Please, take a few minutes to fill it out.


Also, please pass this link along to your spouse, partner, and neighbors.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Web site of the Desnoyer Park Improvement Association (DPIA). It’ll keep you updated about neighborhood news and events, and the issues the DPIA addresses. Use the navigation bar on the left to find information about the neighborhood and the DPIA.

DPIA Updates and News Briefs

  • SEPT 28th – PELHAM PALOOZA  a “take back Pelham” event from 11-2pm, Pelham Boulevard reopens at 3pm

    We’re excited to announce an event with Friendly Streets Initiative (you might remember them from our annual picnic).  With permit in hand, we’re closing Pelham from Wabash to Otis on Saturday, September 28th from 11am-2pm for an all neighborhood event!  That’s right!  Three full hours with no traffic on our neighborhood’s busiest street, Pelham.  Why do this, you ask?  Because Pelham is an important street for Desnoyer Park kids, pedestrians and bikers alike, and it’s time to let thru traffic know that we need a friendlier, safer street to reflect our community’s needs.

           We’ll “chalk the street” and create “good spirited” signs to remind drivers that Pelham is part of a community.

           And, we want YOU to help reclaim our street during PELHAM PALOOZA by spontaneously creating fun!  Roll out your Weber into the middle of Pelham and have a BBQ picnic.  Play music, dress in               costume, and dance in the street! 

           Are you an artist or performer?  This is the perfect chance to share your talents with the neighborhood - set up tables for an art/craft show or perform skits for neighbors with your kids!  Whatever                       inspires you to “take back Pelham” is a “go” (if it’s community minded, of course).

           Feel free to jump on Nextdoor to collaborate and plan with neighbors or announce your solo act, like walking your dog up and down the middle of Pelham.  (You can sign up at www.Nextdoor.com;                   already 35% of Desnoyer Park residents have joined Nextdoor.) We’ll also have a kids’ parade and races, and a bike obstacle course. We’ll hear what a neighborhood can do to slow down traffic from a            guest speaker from Transit for Livable Communities and view a variety of demos illustrating different street calming devices, a walking tour of the different problem areas on Pelham and answer questions.
Pass the word to friends and we’ll see ya in the middle of Pelham on Sept 28th !
  (Plan to bring your own picnic, but we'll have Webers going for you to grill your own food. Event will go on rain or shine.)

  • THE ANNUAL DESNOYER PARK NEIGHBORHOOD PICNIC & FIRST ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE – JULY 16th: Join us at Desnoyer Park's playground and field on Tuesday, July 16th from 5:30 - 7:30pm to meet your neighbors and enjoy an evening of music, food and fun! This year, we're having a food drive and making it extra special for kids with more activities. DPIA is truly grateful to our local businesses who support the evening through amazing donations – there are lots of fun door prizes and donations of items to be enjoyed at the picnic this year!
EATS & TREATS: We're switching it up this year with a St. Paul food truck that serves locally sourced & homemade food (down to their ketchup). We're also serving Izzy's ice cream. Eats and treats are provided – until we run out!

MUSIC: Enjoy a concert by Desnoyer Park's very own resident, Adam Granger. Adam has an incredibly long list of musical accomplishments which includes appearing on Prairie Home Companion 161 times, and even filling in as the host on several occasions. We are honored to have Adam perform for our neighborhood.

FOOD DRIVE: The Desnoyer Park improvement Association is partnering with Keystone Community Services to collect food for our neighborhood's local food shelf in Midway. Look for Keystone's barrel at the picnic to donate your nonperishable food item(s). Keystone Community Services says they really need healthy items that kids like. They feed thousands of St. Paul children during the summer – when kids aren't eating meals at school. DPIA hopes that everyone who attends the picnic will donate as a way to give back to our community.

FUN FOR KIDS: We'll have a dunk tank, climbing wall, gunny sack races, jump castle, a firetruck, an international award-winning artist will be face painting, and the "Baron of Bubbles" will be there!

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Special community guests will be attending. For example, you can learn about the opening of the Light Rail's Green Line on University Avenue (about a mile from Desnoyer Park) from a Central Corridor LRT outreach coordinator.

  • St. Paul Park Security: St. Paul Park Security says: "Saint Paul Park Security is committed to serving park patrons by ensuring the safe and peaceful use of parks for all, protecting park property & facilities by education and fair courteous enforcement of Park Rules and Regulations."  For more information check out their website at St. Paul Park Security. You can call their office at 651-772-6181 or their "Parkwatch" program at 651-646-3535 or email any park security concerns to parksecurity@ci.stpaul.mn.us.
  • Meeker Island Dog Park: Construction of the fully funded dog park is delayed until sometime this summer due to the retirement of Bill Pesek, the project manager, and the need to get his replacement up to speed.
  • Did you know that Desnoyer Park has a Facebook Page? Make sure to "like" Desnoyer Park's Facebook Page at Desnoyer Park Facebook for updates and online discussions about Desnoyer Park happenings with other community members.
  • Desnoyer Park Kids: Have your kids completed grades 1–6 and you're looking for something fun for them to do this summer? St. Paul Parks and Recreation and St. Paul Public Libraries are sponsoring "Summer Blast", a free afternoon program on Mon–Thurs (includes free lunch) at the Merriam Park Rec Center. Summer Blast not only encourages kids to read all summer, but also provides activities such as arts and crafts, cooking and nutrition, nature activities, gym games, swimming and more! Check out the News and Events page for more information.
  • Community Email List – we need your address! It's important to the Desnoyer Park Improvement Association to find ways (we are working on this!) to better connect residents in hopes of fostering communication and collaboration around community interests. Do you want to become more involved in the neighborhood? Are you interested in starting a gardening, walking, or book club? Do you want to connect with other families or meet more neighbors in our community? Maybe you have ideas to improve the playground, or you want to volunteer to help maintain and improve general livability issues in our community. We want to hear from you! Please submit your name and email address in the above form.
  • Planned improvements for the playground at Desnoyer Park: A few smaller improvements that will positively impact the usability of the playground for a slightly older age group and for parents/adults visiting the playground are planned for this spring/summer. Join us at the Union Park District Council Parks & Rec Committee Meeting on Wednesday, May 15th from 7 – 8:30 pm, at the Merriam Park Rec Center to learn about these ideas. If you have thoughts you would like to share, but are unable to attend this meeting, we still want to hear from you! Please email Drew Ross, our DPIA Chair, at dpia.drew@gmail.com. Also, please contact Drew if you're interested in adding your email to a list for updates about the playground.

  • The Central Corridor is already 92% complete as of April, 2013: Service is scheduled to begin sometime in 2014! Find out about the METRO Green Line at Metropolitan Council's site Central Corridor's Green Line and at The Green Line. Information about the station closest to Desnoyer Park, called the "Raymond Ave Station" (which is one of two stations included in the "Creative Enterprise Zone") can be found here: Creative Enterprise Zone.
  • Concerned about traffic issues in Desnoyer Park with the start of the light rail? Would you like to be more involved in your neighborhood?  We are addressing livability issues in our community with the the addition of the Central Corridor Light Rail, planned improvements for the Grand Rounds, I-94 and the Mississippi River parks. Specifically, DPIA is investigating ways to calm traffic, improve intersections, street quality, sidewalks and bike routes. Working together, we can create a vision for our community, and we can use your help! Come to our next board meeting or contact Drew Ross, DPIA Chair at dpia.drew@gmail.com. All residents of Desnoyer Park are welcome to attend board meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Merriam Park Recreation Center.
  • It's time for the Annual Desnoyer Park Garage Sale on May 18 & 19: Sign up now for the annual DP tradition! It’s Spring! Time to clean, sell, purchase, have fun and meet your neighbors! Check out the News and Events page for more information.
  • Comunity Park Clean-Up on May 4th: This will be the third year DPIA is organizing a Desnoyer Park clean-up. Join us on Saturday, May 4th from 10am to 12pm at the Desnoyer Park playground area. Check out the News and Events page for more information. Also, DPIA would like to thank those who, through their own initiative, help clean-up our public spaces and empty lots year-round! Thank you!
  • Did you know that we have a community garden? The Ox-Cart Trail Garden needs volunteers: In 1970, the Ramsey County Historical Society placed a marker at the intersection of Raymond, St. Anthony and Doane avenues commemorating an 1840s trail on which ox-carts were used to haul furs and other materials to steamboats on the Mississippi River. Thanks to a Desnoyer Park resident, and with the kind help of others, since 2002 we've had a garden at this spot for the community to enjoy. We need residents to help care for this public space, a space that's dear to our Desnoyer Park community. The small, triangular garden needs volunteers as early as this spring to weed and clear the garden! Contact Susan Rasmussen at slbnras@yahoo.com to help. You can read more about the history of the garden here: Ox-Cart Garden
  • Thank you for your annual support: The Desnoyer Park Improvement Association is grateful to those of you who have already paid your 2013 membership dues, a suggested $15. If you are planning to make a contribution, or need to pay your dues, please make checks payable to “DPIA” and send to Susan Rasmussen, our DPIA Treasurer, at 567 Cromwell Ave. Again, thank you for your support.
  • Desnoyer Park Playground and Park: How could our Desnoyer Park community park serve your family better? Have you seen something in another park that makes you jealous? Do you have ideas that could make our park a place your family would visit more often? We're looking for suggestions. Contact Drew Ross, DPIA Chair, at dpia.drew@gmail.com to give suggestions and see the News and Events page for more information.
  • Meeker Island Dog Park: Thanks to Desnoyer Park resident Jack Maloney, Meeker Island's dog park was funded! Construction begins as soon as weather permits. See the News and Events page for more information.
  • I94 Construction Information: As you may be aware I-94 construction work has started. See the News and Events page for more information on this and MN-DOT contact information.
  • Pelham Site: The DPIA, Union Park and Saint Anthony Park councils are working with their City Council representatives and the St. Paul Port Authority to relay concerns and attempt to do what they can to assure the development on the former OX Express site fits the neighborhood.
  • Tennis Courts Threatened: Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is threatening to remove the Desnoyer Park tennis court. Send e-mail to parkscustomerservice@ci.stpaul.mn.us to let them know you want to keep it.
  • Meeker Island: The issues around illegal activities at the Meeker Island site have heated up again. A group of your neighbors is actively working with all interested parties to come up with a solution. If you would like to participate send an e-mail to desnoyerpark@gmail.com. See the Neighborhood Info page for information on Meeker Island and some of its history

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