Flags and Pennants

Flags and Pennants of the Principal Maritime Micronations of the Metaverse


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Below... my stuff - Cap'n Trenton, let's call it 'Official' from here on out.  You can get the Winterfell Man-O-War, the updated/proportioned Lovelace and Steelhead National flags below as of 2 Feb!

I hear New Tolouse and Lovelace will have naval flags also, shortly!


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...following on to my old stuffs...


National Maritime Flags.  

Man-Of-War flags represent that such vessel may fire, or be fired upon, according to the Rules of Engagement, found here:

Rules of Engagement

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Note that usage is a bit simplified; common practise online allows for flags to fly at all times.   The distinction between a "Jack" and an "Ensign" is blurred.

Independent State of Caledon
(Civil & State)


 Independent State of Caledon Man-Of-War

The "Caledon Jack"


Caledon MiddleSea Fleet Man-Of-War

(home port: Duchy of MiddleSea)





 Winterfell Man Of War








Steelhead Man Of War





Darkmere Man Of War


New Tolouse


New Tolouse Man Of War



Bunny Skull and Crossbones

Pirates frequenting Caledon waters


Bunny Skull and Crossbones Addo Vorpal
("Bring the Vorpal!")

Especially Dread Pirates! Beware...



Weapons System Pennant:

"TYPE" - Standard Second Life


Weapons System Pennant:

"TYPE" - Ordinal's Ordinance



Weapons System Pennant:

"Impregnable" (such as a coastal battery)



Weapons System Pennant:

"Harmless/Decommissioned" (such as for parades)



 Other Flags You May See
These may imply an affiliation, but not necessarily
designate a vessel as a combat participant.

Navylike, Disciplined and observant of the Treaties of the Independent State of Caledon. 

Often, but not necessarily an armed vessel or warship.