Hello and thanks for coming to our DMABCDF webpage.  Due to the pandemic we are in hiatus until further notice.  

However, GREAT NEWS! Read on....

Do you miss contra and barn dancing? I do, and I found a couple of interesting safe social disDANCING videos for couples contra dancing. The dances can also be done solo, and you can use a broom, mop, shovel, pet, stuffed animal, whatever, if you like, too. Hope you like them.

ALSO, There are plans afoot for safe social disDANCES on Zoom, and possibly recording and posting more dances like these, too. Stay tuned. Until we can physically dance with each other at least we can virtually dance together. Give these a try and post comments and suggestions on Des Moines Area Barn & Contra Dance on Facebook, please.

The links and dance notes (for geezer and budding dance callers) are below. Thanks to Nicholas Hall and Adele Beard for sharing the dances. All the best.

- Reid Miller
Caller of Dances

Dance #1

- [8] Partner's Chain
- [4] Cast
- [4] Pull by Left

- [16] Balance & Swing
(End facing each other, lady on the right)

- [8] Right Allemande
- [8] Rory O' More Spin x2

- [8] Do-Si-Do
- [8] Forward & Back

Dance #2

- [8] Allemande Right
- [8] Allemande Left

- [4] Circle Back
- [12] Partner Swing
(End facing up the hall)

- [8] Gent's Lead Right Round
- [8] Courtesy Turn
(End facing down the hall)

- [4] Cast
- [4] Pull by Left
- [8] Forward & Back

Watch for news of online barn/contra parties until we can safely gather again.  We'll virtually visit and safely social disDANCE together.  Virtually seeing and hearing from each other is the best and safest we can do at present.  To get notices of the parties email: desmoinescontradance@gmail.com and Like: Des Moines Area Barn & Contra Dance on Facebook.  Doing both best assures getting word.  Here's hoping we physically dance together again soon.

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