WWE Total Divas Episode 2 Watch Online Free


WWE Total Divas Episode 2 Watch Online Free I’ve finally figured out the secret of Copper: it’s a marketing tool. For Prozac.

Yet we keep coming back to have our hearts ripped out and stomped into the ground like it’s some sick addiction. Other shows are off-putting when they lay on the tragedy too thick. Copper has a knack for executing the worst possible eventuality with morbid finesse.

Ellen is spiraling back into a dark mental place, and her attempt to inform Corcoran of her pregnancy is thwarted when she spots him with Eva. Finally, Sara goes to the precinct office to tell him herself, but Corcoran runs home to find that WWE Total Divas Episode 2 Watch Online Free Ellen has hanged herself.

Corky has lost both his wife and unborn child in one needless act of self-harm fed by misunderstandings and failed struggles to forgive. The worst part of it is that Ellen has ended not only her own life but that of her child, and Corcoran’s too—again. The episode title A Hope Too Bright to Last pretty much sums up this entire series.  

Kudos to Tom Weston-Jones for the wonderful, heartbreaking reaction to finding his wife’s body. That one silent look says it all. It may be the most striking single image in the series so far.

WWE Total Divas Episode 2 Watch Online Free With that dismal affair out of the way, let’s move on to happier things: like the mysterious disease in the water supply, the Morehouses losing all their money, and that part where Robert and his father try to kill each other.

People are getting sick from a pathogen that Freeman discovers in the water. This contradicts the diagnosis of a white doctor, who is pissed off at being challenged by a black man—just your average daily Copper racism. Things get interesting, though, when a black man accuses Freeman of bowing to whites by becoming one of them. Freeman smartly informs him that progress is not just for whites. This is an interesting and important look at how members of a discriminated-against group can perpetuate the discrimination.

The Morehouse family follows up their happy reunion last week with a big old argument after Norbert (Daddy Morehouse) tries to convince Robert (Morehouse Junior) to get in on a fraudulent scheme to save some bad railroad stock. Norbert goes through with the scheme behind Robert’s back, and some crude comments about Mommy Morehouse put the men at deathblows. Elizabeth, who is getting more badass by the episode, breaks it up, but Norbert promises he’ll be back to exact his sweet revenge (or something to that effect).