Whodunnit Episode 7 Watch online Free


Whodunnit Episode 7 Watch online Free If Sherlock could survive a nasty fall – however he managed it – surely Moriarty could withstand a self-inflicted bullet to the head? Sadly for fans of Andrew Scott’s mesmerising performance as the consulting detective’s nemesis, it seems that the Napoleon of crime really did come to a sticky end. Though some would doubtless be happy to watch our languid hero lounge about 221B all day, we all know Sherlock doesn’t do bored. That means only one thing – there’s got to be a new adversary for a man never short of enemies among the criminal fraternity. And now, after a very, very long wait, we know who it’s going to be.

Whodunnit Episode 7 Watch online Free Enter Lars Mikkelsen as Charles Augustus Magnussen. If that surname makes you do a double take, it should. The Danish actor is the brother of none other than Mads Mikkelsen, currently finding his own niche on the small screen as everyone’s favourite flesh-eating aesthete, Hannibal Lecter. You might also recognise Lars Mikkelsen from his role as troubled politician, Troels Hartmann, in the hugely popular first series of Forbrydelsen (The Killing). On that evidence, we can expect another worthy dramatic foil for Sherlock and John.

Whodunnit Episode 7 Watch online Free After Moriarty’s crazed genius, though, won’t anything else seem like an anticlimax? Possibly. However, if Moffat and Gatiss play their cards right, they could propel Sherlock down another, equally intriguing path by focusing on the very different mystery – and menace – of a new kind of criminal. Who is Charles Augustus Magnussen, and what can we expect from Sherlock’s newest adversary? First rule of detection: go back to the original crime scene to sniff out promising leads…