HD True Blood Season 6 Episode 8 Watch online Free


HD True Blood Season 6 Episode 8 Watch online Free Up until now, all of Chester’s Mill’s evil had been distilled cartoonishly into the unhinged vicar, the psycho cop, the shady politician, and his even shadier son. This week, though, selfishness took hold of everyone, from mothers fighting in the store, to Farmer OIlie (a great turn from Leon Rippy, who finally gave Dean Norris someone to act against), and that gun-totin’ diabetic who shooed the dome kids off his porch. A deeper seam of wickedness ran through the brothers who murdered poor Rose for a freezer-full of hamburger patties, one of whom would have sexually assaulted an unconscious Angie had Barbie not interrupted him. Even life-saving Barbie was finding it harder to be a hero this week, as his killer instincts threatened to take over in his role as honorary law-enforcer. A week after the dome arrived, and everyone was on their worst behaviour.

HD True Blood Season 6 Episode 8 Watch online Free Not quite everyone, and not quite their worst, it should be said. This week’s ethical pop quiz came from Norrie: if your mother was about to enter a diabetic coma, would you steal insulin from a cute, lisping kid to save her? Press your Red Button now. Norrie passed the test, depriving his cuteness of just the one vial, and thus keeping her mum’s diabetic wolf from the door. Couldn’t science-y Joe have stepped in to extract some home-made insulin from a passing dog’s pancreas? Some use he’s turning out to be.

Like the water plot did the whole government-sponsored murder thing, the search-for-insulin took precedence over the arrival of Norrie’s secret dad last week. With any luck, the next crisis and the one after that, or, you know, a particularly shiny penny, will similarly distract the L.A. family from ever reeling in that soap-y thread. More intriguing a path to follow is the relationship the teen duo has to the dome. It wasn’t comic seizures this week, but radio signal-scrambling interference the pair emitted, something that cleared up when they simultaneously touched the mysterious barrier. Will they eventually be able to communicate with the dome? Who’d have thought those two would have turned out to be the ones to watch? Curious stuff.

A spot of rain was all it took to press the reset button on this week’s adventure (I told you these people lacked focus), not that it helped poor Rose. Now stripped of her one witness, Angie’s a sure bet to take Big Jim’s protection deal, leading to weeks of loaded looks and whispered threats.

So overall then, this week was an improvement. Keep it up, Under the Dome, and perhaps the news of your second season commission won’t weigh quite so heavily on my heart.