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HD The Profit Episode 2 Watch Online Free Corcoran hit it off with Mrs McGrath, and she seems nice and stable. Could she be a piece in Corcoran’s future? It’s terrible to be thinking of new relationships so soon after Ellen’s death, but there were some romantic undertones between he and Mrs McGrath, so things may be headed in that direction.

If over the next few days you experience feelings of hopelessness, uncontrollable sobbing, or uncharacteristic urges to curl up in the fetal position, don’t worry, the Copper team has the answer: just whip up an 1860s-style alcoholic concoction. Maybe next episode will be better. Or maybe you should just plan to have a pitcher ready.

(Special thanks to my dad, Mike Peters, for letting me use his TV in a pinch so I didn’t miss this week’s episode! You are a zillion times better a dad than Daddy Morehouse.)

Copper will take a one-week break and return August 18th.

We meet the King this week in the latter stages of his Raging Bull transformation. Two decades on the throne had turned him from a pin-up into a health warning; fat, bearded, and sallow-skinned, Edward was not long for this world. (In keeping with TV’s anchor man dynamic in which men get older but women’s faces are frozen just before they hit thirty, forty-six-year-old Elizabeth’s ageing was economically achieved by someone hiding her Touche Éclat).

The clock had fast-forwarded to 1483 in The White Queen. Edward and Elizabeth’s gaggle of princes and princesses had grown up, as had young Henry Tudor, whose exile in Brittany was approaching its end. To those new faces were added two more, Doctor Who and Broadchurch’s Arthur Darvill as the Duke of Buckingham, and Red Riding and Misfits’ Shaun Dooley as Robert Brackenbury. With its refreshed cast and next generation potential, it’s a pity The White Queen is almost over, especially because it’s grown into the perfect Sunday night viewing.