Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 5 Watch Online Free

Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 5 Watch Online Free The Enterprise arrives at Theta VIII, a hostile and uninhabitable planet, where they've been diverted to look for some unusual debris in orbit. The plan is for a quick, trouble-free stop and speedy return to their original assignment. Because isn't it always? Of course, when they find the debris – part of an Earth vessel from the 21st Century – things get a little more complicated.

Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 5 Watch Online Free After discovering a structure on the planet – one with breathable atmosphere –Riker, Data and Worf beam down. They are faced, unaccountably, with a revolving door. They enter and find themselves in The Royale, a hotel-casino populated by apparently human entities. They're cut off from the Enterprise, but Riker doesn't care because he's spotted a party happening, and encourages everyone to have a look around.

While doing so, they observe some odd interactions between the bellboy and assistant manager, but are warmly greeted by the employees who address them as "foreign visitors" and are bemused and irritated by their questions about the hotel and its people. Data realises that the entities are neither alive nor human, prompting Riker to ask the obvious question: What are they?! Will, you wouldn't believe us if we told you.

Back on the ship, Picard is getting annoyed because Riker's out past curfew without phoning home. Troi reassures him that Riker is not feeling in any danger, which begs the question of how sensitive her telepathy really is. He's hundreds of miles away! Not to mention beyond the reach of all conventional science! She's just making it up, isn't she?

Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 5 Watch Online Free Data plays cards for a bit before Riker and Worf decide they've had enough and try to leave. But using the door brings them back inside the casino. They're unable to leave! The "people" are oblivious to their requests for information about a way out, and even shooting the walls doesn't make a dent! Data's scanner then notices human DNA elsewhere in the building. With nothing better to do, the team follows it and finds the dead deceased corpse of S. Richey, one of the occupants of the NASA vessel, who was stuck in the hotel alone for 38 years.