Devious Maids Episode 7 Watch Online Free

Devious Maids Episode 7 Watch Online Free from dear old Auntie Beeb, Channel 4 has an even smaller reservoir of home-grown shows. The final series of Misfits will air later this year, and promises superpowers such as being able to knit the future or transform into a turtle. Series four was a bit of a disappointment over all, but now that Geordie Alex isn't shouting about his lost cock like a man looking for a missing terrier, there'll hopefully be more time for important things like plot and acting and Joe Gilgun being obscene.

A third series of Charlie Brooker's iTales of the Unexpected, Black Mirror, hasn't been confirmed but in March this year Brooker said he had scripts prepared should it be re-commissioned. Probably stories about breaking news being printed on kittens so it gets more online coverage, or a tablet computer you have to sync with your own genitals in order to get the ruddy thing to work but - oh no! - one day it gets a virus and your privates suddenly are tattooed with ads for 'One weird trick to get rid of foot fat!' and 'Make £££'s just by sitting on the toilet!'. I would watch that. You would too. Then it would watch us back and force us to re-enact every second of it via the Microsoft Kinect, and that would be the third episode. A montage of the population weeping as they shuffled numbly in front of their new TV overlords to the booming command 'SUBMIT'.

Devious Maids Episode 7 Watch Online Free though, TV needs more shows like Black Mirror – the kind of challenging one-off sci-fi pioneered and perfected by The Twilight Zone and its ilk in the 60s, which you just don't see anymore. Perhaps the reason we don't get more dystopian sci-fi is because it already feels like we're living in a Rod Serling 'told you so' nightmare. Or perhaps it's that TV execs refuse to smell the cheese and take a punt on sci-fi pilots, thinking 'Who'll watch them? Nerds? No, let's make more Gok Wan shows and things with Michael McIntyre in. Now'.

Devious Maids Episode 7 Watch Online Free the theme of dystopia, Utopia will be returning for a second series. The weird conspiracy mystery had such a small viewership the first time around it might as have been shown on the palm-side of an Illuminati secret handshake. With any luck the second series will bring in more viewers thirsty for some British creativity.