Catfish: The TV Show Season 2 Episode 7 Watch Online Free

The destruction of Emily’s house has a lot of repercussions, as we see the Fields living out of a motel without a well-paying job between them. Emily’s being kind of smart, though a little naive, by planning several ways in which she can get out of Dodge – first to college next year and then on a summer volunteer programme with Bruce Willis’ daughter. Where do Paige and Stanford factor into this? And does she really expect this new A – a girl who thinks nothing of pinning a murder on your friend’s mother and crashing a car into the front of your house – will let her board a bus out of town?

Aria’s storyline, though at first appearing to be about the safety of her little brother, again boils down to her love life. Ezra, for once, doesn’t enter the picture, but it turns out that Mike has been taking martial arts lessons from ex-beau Jake. They make a date to see Insidious 2, so I guess we’ll be hearing far too much about this relationship for the foreseeable future. It seems like a lose-lose for the show, even, since the people who want her with Ezra really want her with Ezra and the people that don’t, by and large, want to see her contributing to the non-teen drama parts of the show.

Next week’s episode looks pretty dramatic, with a possible death and the return of Jenna. The promo makes it look as though Spencer’s the one face-down in the lake, but maybe it’s Shana? Let’s face it, it could be anyone.

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