Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 17 Watch Online Free

Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 17 Watch Online Free. the pools of British genre telly that glistened on our screens in the latter part of the Double-0 decade have all either evaporated or are about to be gulped up for good. And all the while the great Rain God, the Oncoming Storm, Doctor Who, is on a zig-zag plotted schedule that only occasionally drenches us with its presence. With its split seasons and yawning production gaps, Doctor Who is now the equivalent of extreme British weather – it's very presence has become an event; something you talk and moan about when it's happening and then continue referencing in future conversation until the next 'event' comes along: 'Cor, wasn't that rainy summer/certain Doctor Who episode terrible? I really enjoyed that mild December/Christmas Special though' [delete where applicable]. 

Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 17 Watch Online Free But it's hard to be mad at Doctor Who when its return (re)opened the floodgates of British sci-fi. Thank goodness it did. UK-manufactured whimsy was in a pretty shoddy state in the 15 years before 2005. When the most successful time travel show of the 90s is Goodnight Sweetheart*, you know that something's wrong with our collective national taste, and indeed the entire continuum of universal existence. Blame the Time War. And Nicholas Lyndhurst. You never see him anymore, do you? Does David Jason have him imprisoned somewhere? Let's get a campaign going to free him. You know, once we're done here.

Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 17 Watch Online Free Anyway, with Doctor Who's success TV bosses suddenly realised that sci-fi and fantasy was cool (read: profitable) again, and that people were thirsty for more than just variations on medical professionals/detectives shouting at one another in corridors, or a pre-captivity Nicholas Lyndhurst being unfunny in a trilby. So we had shows like Life on Mars, Misfits, Being Human, Primeval, etc etc yadda yadda, and for a while we were spoiled for choice. Our cups overflowed with quality escapism and we drank deep.

No more. Those shows have had their time and used it valiantly. But surprisingly there's very little to take their places. TV seems to be falling out of love with sci-fi and fantasy, and back in love with big-budget crime series such as Broadchurch, The Fall, and Line of Duty. Or maybe it's just run dry of original sci-fi ideas. So, what's left to slake our thirst and water our poor shrivelled mind-grapes?