Barter Kings Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere Watch Online Free

Barter Kings Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere Watch Online Free Elsewhere, it seems that even the werewomen aren’t immune to the batshitness currently plaguing the god-botherers. Alcide’s bitches have decided that, in fact, they prefer cold-blooded killers to lead their pack, so they’ll be having Alcide in a fight if it’s all the same to you. He might not have killed them, but given that he went crawling back to Sam, having been publically declawed by his girlfriends, it’s clear that Rikki et al got what they wanted. And who can blame him – there’s no way he could have stayed packmaster with three seriously pissed off women on his back. Thankfully, having his ass kicked by some girls appears to have knocked some sense into him – returning Nicole along with Mrs Nicole to Sam in one piece hopefully marks the official end of his dickishness. His return to sanity also lead to what was perhaps the episode’s biggest surprise – the pitter patter of tiny feet/paws/claws. Yes, it seems that Sam is about to be a baby-daddy, but the whole ‘I smelt it on her’ nature of the reveal was creepy as hell. Whatever Sam and Nicole decide to do, one thing is certain – when the news breaks, Mrs Nicole will not be very happy.

Barter Kings Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere Watch Online Free Speaking of creepy, what is it with vampires insisting on having relationships that last for eternity? Alongside Warlow’s bizarre six thousand year obsession with a girl that was only born a couple of decades ago, it seems that Jason’s predicted survival of gen pop comes with something of an eternal price tag. Aside from being hilariously Jason, Violet’s claiming Jason forever is also a nice mirroring of what’s going on with sister Sookie, and her own tussle with vampiric eternity. As neither vampire seems capable of taking no for an answer, and or seeing that what they’re asking is tantamount to imprisonment, perhaps, when this is all over, Warlow and Violet should get together and go bowling - they’d clearly get on like a house on fire.  Although, given that both Stackhouse siblings have all but agreed to eternity, perhaps it’s the Stackhouses that are the batshit ones.

Barter Kings Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere Watch Online Free It’s a relief to know that it isn’t just the women that were batshit this week – even the usually stoic Eric has come very close to losing his mind. Either crazy with grief, or crazy with shame that he thought Bilith could save Nora, the ex-Sheriff has taken it upon himself to do what Bilith could not. Walking right into the faerie realm and helping himself to Warlow’s blood could well mean that a daywalking Eric can swoop in and save the gang, just in the nick of time. Although, given the relative stupidity of some of his more recent plans, let’s hope that Sookie, Bilith and what’s left of Warlow can come up with a back-up, just to be on the safe side.

So, with just two episodes to go, True Blood’s excellent sixth season is rapidly drawing to a close. Whether it’s that a ten episode run actually suits the show, or that having made it into syndication, and therefore vindication, the show itself is feeling a tad invincible, this year’s main story has been surprising, dramatic, beautifully acted and superbly written. Whatever happens in the next two weeks – including the inevitable deaths - you can bet the house it’s going to continue to kick ass