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Release Date : 19 Jul 2013

Genre/Category : Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Director : Dean Parisot

Starring : Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins

Runtime : 119 Min

Synopsis : Retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.

Parents need to know that action/comedy Red 2 is the (disappointing) sequel to 2010’s successful Red, and many of the characters (played by Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker and others) return. Violence is again the main issue, with crazy, explosive, cartoonish action/fighting/shooting scenes throughout. Characters are stabbed, shot, and killed; there are bloody martial arts fights and lots of crashes and explosions. The good guys face no repercussions for any of the violent acts they’re involved in. Language is fairly minor, with a few uses of “s—t" and “bitch." Expect some brief sexual references and situations; hard drugs (LSD and acid) are also mentioned, and characters drink vodka in one scene. Commercialism is fairly strong, with several brands featured onscreen.

Watch red 2 online It is almost 3 am. There is a cat on my lap, an adorable little girl leaning against my legs watching Sesame Street, and I completely acknowledge the fact that I will be exhausted tomorrow…but right now I am completely content. AP Student: We read a lot of novels and it is easy to get lost in the words, but if you are looking at the story you gain more insight.” Discussion in class after reading an expert from Scott McCloud’s “Show and Tell" for homework.I love when students really break down the possible answers on a multiple choice test…but next time I think I will have her put her answers on a scantron.

I was at a very large book fair today and there were three teenagers huddling around the young adult novels. They happen to be standing around a pile of John Green novels. They were comparing the two covers of Looking for Alaska and talking about the merits of both and author purpose. The young man of the group then went on to talk about how excited he was that the copy of Will Grayson, Will Grayson he found was signed.

Coolest matchbooks ever! If they weren’t completely against school rules I would bring them in as a pre-reading prompt. "[we can have an] uncomfortable feeling that nothing quite makes sense. We become motivated to find meaning somewhere, even if not in the original story or film, and this disposition actually makes us more accurate at picking out patterns."

Watch red 2 online

My students were working in groups on a vocabulary review and one group was much quieter than all of the others. It was a competition (created by a student group) so they were at a severe disadvantage. I grabbed an egg shaker and handed it to one of the girls in the group. This allowed them to be heard without feeling as awkward about being loud. It worked really well. I am thinking about adopting the idea every time there is group based competition in the classroom.

Note: behind the shaker is a stack of books I will be using for a Shakespeare adaptation unit.

I’m distracted by colors and shiny things. I think I like this idea but don’t have all the information. How did she use the egg shaker to participate? Did she shake it to agree with a classmate, or to demonstrate she knew the answer? There were groups that were trying to define words the fastest. The object was to define the words and then get the attention of the students in charge in order for them to check definitions. It sounds more complicated written down then it was. I am thinking about using the same concept when students are working in groups and trying I get my attention from across the room.