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Teen Wolf season 3, episode 8 aired yesterday! Come read our recap and discuss “Visionary” with your fellow fans.

As the show opens, we see a young boy running through the woods looking scared for his life. A group of men are charging in his direction, and he is frantically running away. The boy runs directly into another scared individual who seems to recognize the boy as a Hale.

But before the boy can respond, the unidentified man is shot with an arrow in his neck and killed. Seconds before the boy is shot himself, a young man catches the arrow aimed at him and the two take off to continue running for their lives.

As they disappear into the distance, we see that the group of men who were chasing the boys include Chris and Gerard Argent.

Chris orders the rest of the hunters to continue after the two boys, but to bring them back alive.

After that we see the boys hiding in an abandoned building – present day Cora is explaining in voiceover that the boys were in hiding for two days before they could climb out to safety.

The image cuts to Cora and Stiles in Derek’s loft. Stiles’ desire to find out where Derek has gone and why he isn’t around to help brought him to the loft to seek answers. Peter interrupts their conversation and says that if they want to know what changed Derek, then they have to know what changed the color of his eyes…

Next we see that Allison has brought Scott to speak with Gerard. They have come to find answers about Deucalion’s past and to see if they can collect more information that could help them in their battle.

Before Gerard will agree to share his story, he demands that Scott take away some of his pain. He reluctantly agrees, warning him that he better get the truth from the older man and that he wants to know everything he knows.

The show reopens on a young girl playing the cello in what appears to be a school music room. She’s interrupted by noises outside the room that disturb her practice. When she goes to see who is making the racket, she finds a group of boys playing basketball.

The boy at the center is the one we saw running through the forest at the beginning of the show.

The boy follows along and apologizes for his rudeness, promising to leave alone so she can continue only after she reveals her name. Reluctantly, she reveals that her name is Paige.

He offers to share his name, but she cuts him off explaining that she already knows who he is. As do we. This boy is a younger, less world weary Derek Hale.

The next scene cuts back to Scott, Gerard, and Allison. Scott wants answers for how Deucalion can be beaten. Gerard says it can’t be done, but offers an ominous piece of informantion. He reveals to Scott and Allison that Deucalion may have lost his eyes, but he’s not always blind.


We return to Stiles, Cora, and Peter who returns to his story. Cutting to Derek and Paige in an abandoned distillery, the two share some innocent kisses and talk about why exactly they like each other.

Derek is startled by the scent of blood and hears something coming that he knows isn’t right. So he grabs Paige’s hand, and they run off into the night.

Deucalion approaches the building along with Kali, Ennis, and each of their respective packs.

The three werewolf packs argue over seeking retribution for the murder of one of their own. And Gerard’s voice takes over as the two tales overlap.

The packs had come to Beacon Hills to ask the advice of a special and powerful alpha, Talia Hale – Derek’s mother.

She enters the building in her wolf form, which in the shape of an actual wolf, and tensions rise as Ennis declares war.

Peter continues on. Sharing that once Ennis lost his pack member, opportunity presented itself. Derek and Paige share sweet moments of affection and tenderness, showing just how in love the two are.

But things don’t stay settled for long as Peter nudges and guides Derek into thinking that Paige should be bitten to protect their relationship.

What Peter tells Stiles and Cora though is that he tried to prevent Derek from going through with the plan. His story and the truth are two completely different tales.

Gerard and Peter both reveal in their intertwining stories that Doctor Deaton and his sister Ms. Morell are emissaries, druid guides to the werewolves.

Deucalion wants to avoid war and discusses their options with Talia and Deaton. They agree to meet with Gerard to try and work out an agreement even though both sides are cautious.

After succumbing to Peter’s manipulation, Derek falters and sets Paige up to be bitten by Ennis. Even though he regrets it at the last minute, it’s too late and the young girl is seen bleeding on the floor.

Gerard continues to recount his side of things. Covering the meet up with Deucalion and the other packs for negotiations. But Gerard had set a trap for them and proceeds to tear the pack to shreds, gouging out Deucalion’s eyes with electrically charged arrows.


And Paige? Well… Derek holds her in his arms as the bite is rejected, and she slowly slips away.

She begs him to make it end sooner, so she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. He reluctantly ends her life… changing his eyes from gold to blue.

The episode continues on for a bit longer with Scott threatening Gerard that if anyone else gets hurt because he withheld information, then he was going to take away more than his pain.

We then see Stiles speaking to Cora alone. He confesses that he doesn’t trust Peter’s perception and that there may be a lot more to the story than they’re unaware of.

The show closes with a young Derek confessing to his mother that he did something terrible. And as she comforts him, we see present day Derek once again standing in front of the werewolf symbol for retribution…