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Dragon Ball Z films are strange beasts. Taking place between the series’ all-important sagas, the films have traditionally been side stories rife with inconsistencies and canonical errors. As such, fans have relegated even the best of the DBZ films to the category “fun but inconsequential.”

Enter Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods . The first theatrical DBZ film in seventeen years, it’s also the first DBZ film created with the close involvement of original creator Akira Toriyama, who worked on the script and designs. On top of that, Toei Animation specifically stated in a press release Battle of Gods is “neither a spin-off or a side story,” clearly positioning this film as a more meaningful piece of the DBZ universe than its predecessors.

Watch dragon ball z battle of gods online

I had a rough last block (week/month/school year), but I finished my craft project for my secret buddy. It felt so good to send it off at the post office today. It reminded me that I am part of a community of awesome people who jump through hoops, deal with crazy students, etc. every day, but still love their profession. I needed that feeling of connectivity.

If you have not read this piece yet you should. It is a reaction to Monday’s events from a runner that pulls at the positive heart strings instead of the negative ones. I used it to give my students a different point of view to absorb along with the normal news coverage. Our school participated in Toms One Day Without Shoes today. Participation was small, but the impact was felt throughout the entire school. It got students asking questions and opened up a dialogue about how some individuals have to live. It was a pretty cool experience, but I now know with utmost certainty that our stairwells are filthy.

Watch dragon ball z battle of gods online

I am sitting here typing up which characters speak in every scene of Twelfth Night. It is tedious, but it will be a pleasant surprise next year when I get to this unit. Seriously, is there a website that does this? I have never found one. Mine is not studying abroad. I decided not to because I had just started dating my ex and everything felt so magical and special that I didn’t want to go away for 6 months. I regret missing the experience, but I stand by my reason at the time. Even though it didn’t work out, things were good and they would have been over if I had gone overseas— I don’t regret the relationship (despite how shitty it ended)

I regret getting my MAT instead of taking the extra year to get my MA in English. It has hindered me from teaching some higher level courses and I did not get hired at the school district I really want to be in because they needed someone to teach dual enrollment. Boo. Through a grant I was able to purchase a class set of Shakespeare adaptation novels for my seniors (that means only 16 totally… we made do). I stole the awesome idea of having a blind date with a book from around Valentine’s Day and had my students choose their blind date with Shakespeare.

I wrapped the books and wrote the play that the novel pairs with on the front. I let the students look at the titles and choose according to love (or aversion) of a certain play or by random choice.

It has now been a few weeks and the students are now working on reading the corresponding play and comparing it to the novel. I have been taken aback by how many of my students think the play is better than the book. These kids are amazing!

We are going to be having a discussion about why contemporary authors are still riffing off of Shakespeare’s stories and whether or not the students think the adaptations work for a more modern audience. It should be a great conversation.