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Release Date : 19 Jul 2013

Genre/Category : Animation, Family

Director : David Soren

Starring : Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph, Samuel L. Jackson

Runtime : 96 Min

Synopsis : A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500.

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TURBO (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) is a speed-obsessed garden snail who, more than anything, wants to compete in the Indy 500. He’s a misfit in his slow-moving snail community until a freak accident with Nitrous Oxide gives him car-like abilities, including eyes that light up like headlights, a red-blinking shell akin to taillights, and, of course, speed. When Turbo and his naysaying brother, Chet (Paul Giamatti), are captured by human Tito (Michael Pena), whose after-hours snail racing hobby reveals Turbo’s remarkable talents, Turbo and his misfit band of supporters make their way to Indianapolis, where Turbo becomes an unlikely competitor in the most famous race in the world.

Today I decided to sit down with my principal about the chaos that is my last class of the day. I have 13 struggling readers who are at risk of not passing their end-of-course state test. Of these 13, 4 are passing. It is not because they cannot do, but because they won’t do. For the most part the students are pleasant, but they will not actually do work. I have tried whole class, group work, individual assignments, having class online, having class in the library…nothing. My principal is going to sit down with my grade book and decide if some of the students need to be moved to our district alternative school. Seriously, what in the world do I do at this point?

Watch turbo online

teachers are part of a flawed system— we do not control it. We get blamed and yelled at, but do not have the power to make education everything you want it to be. Don’t like how education in this country works? Talk to the lawmakers who can really make changes, especially those who CHOOSE not. And work with the teachers to achieve that change! Contrary to popular belief, we did not get into this game because we DON’T want to effectively teach kids. Really.

I received my secret buddy gifts in the mail today! Not only do I love the pieces (a gorgeous beaded bracelet that fits me perfectly and two beaded charms), but it also introduced me to a great new blog! Thank you for organizing msleahhbic and thank you sensei-ni-naritai for being a great buddy!

Teachers and principals are caught in a hideous bind of having their own teaching methods squeezed out while knowing that, as Paula says, “Millions of dollars of funding and aid for students they genuinely care about are tied up in these test outcomes.” Ultimately, the only clear-cut winners in the high stakes assessment game are publishers like Pearson, which two years ago won a $32 million contract to write the tests.

The answer was once chocolate, but after a difficult day this week all I wanted to do was buy my daughter a toy. This impulse is way better for my waistline. I really want to thank teaching-everydayisdifferent for my secret(or not so secret since I planned it!) gift. The two washi canvases are gorgeous and just the right size for my room! I’m sorry to be posting like this, but I can’t seem to find an ask box on her blog and I haven’t been following her…

Love this…"If there’s something about this accent, rather than it being difficult or more difficult for people to understand … it has flecks of nearly every regional U.K. English accent, and indeed American and in fact Australian, too. It’s a sound that makes people — it reminds people of the accent of their home — and so they tend to listen more with their heart than their head."

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