The Universal Z80 Board
How to Design your Own powerful yet Minimal Z80 Board

Objective : To help Student/hobbyists etc. build their own microcomputer system

CPU                        Z80  Z84C0020 20MHz
RAM               32K/128K/512K Fast SRAM
ROM                              64K Fast EEPROM
Video              V9958 VDP 128-192K VRAM
Sound                                   AY-3-8912 PSG
Cartridge Port to connect Flash/NV RAM etc
Scart TV Output PAL/NTSC
Com1/Com2 DB9 Male Serial Ports
DB25 LPT1 Printer Port
PS/2 Keyboard input
PS/2 Mouse input
Joystick input DB9 Male
Auxiliary Port


** See Downloads page for Z80 word document **