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This toolkit is for you.

This toolkit can help you create solutions for everyday challenges.
The toolkit offers you new ways to be intentional and collaborative when you are designing new solutions for your classroom, school, and community.
It hones your skills and empowers you to create desirable solutions.
In this toolkit, we have laid out a series of steps that can help you develop new, innovative solutions designed with people at the center.

This workbook is  based on the work of IDEO.
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This toolkit equips you with the process and methods of design so you can be more intentional about facing and solving for your current challenges.
Businesses, social entrepreneurs and other innovators have used these methods for decades to create solutions for many different types of challenges.
As educators, you are already designing every single day— whether it’s finding new ways to teach content more effectively, using your classroom space differently, developing new approaches to connecting with parents, or creating new solutions for your school.
We know that your time is precious and demands are high, and it may often feel that the system in which you educate is not as nimble as necessary to keep up with the rapidly
evolving demands. However, you already possess the skills to solve for these kinds of challenges.
The methods in this toolkit are adapted specifically for you and give you the flexibility to work within your existing constraints.
This is an invitation to experiment with design processes. Let it inspire you to approach challenges differently and experience how Design Thinking adds a new perspective to your work.