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Jan 10, 2012
These lights are worth every penny, mine have seen over 2,000 miles on the road with absolutely 0 problems. I've played with a MagicShine and it is truly years behind in quality.  - Michael (followup from April, 2011)

-Nov 29, 2011
Once I knew what to do, I had no problems operating it, and it has worked wonderfully.  I have no doubts that I get seen on my way home now--or for that matter, on my way to work when it's light out.  At some point I'll probably bite the bullet and contact you about the front light--at least if I move to a road with darker streets on the way home, but for now I think I'm good.  I still can't believe how much (red) light such a little package can put out.  I used to think the PBSF was really bright.  -Mark

-Nov 26, 2011
...I would not dream of riding around town without the DS-500. I also use the DS-1300 in flashing mode. The DS-1300 is working especially well in traffic, I guess 1300 flashing lumens is unusual and sufficiently intimidating so cars rarely cut me off. I also get a lot of respect at 4-way stops.

BTW, I’ve got quite a few compliments on those lights. They get noticed.
Some dude pulled up next to me in a big Lexus yesterday… said he could see my (rear) light from a mile away. In LA traffic, in daylight! -V

-Sept 26, 2011
I did ride alone on the road Saturday afternoon and ran both the front and rear lights flashing and felt much safer in knowing that cars could see me. When I bought these lights I did not think I would use them for daylight riding, but now I would not consider riding without them when riding alone. I continue to be impressed with these lights and look forward to using them for night riding this season. - Brooks

-Sept 13, 2011
"The tail light is all I could have hoped for and more. It makes my Dinotte 140 tail light look dim! The build quality is also very good." - Stewart

-Sept 11, 2011
As I was riding the other day, I thought of a marketing slogan: "RESPECT" Whereas I used to be invisible, now cars will wait before pulling out of a cross-street, even when they have plenty of time to go in front of me. I think they wonder what the heck that light is and wait for me to pass to see it. It is almost comical how long they will wait at the stop sign for me to pass. - Tom E.

-Sept 6, 2011
"I got the [headlight] today.  It is a wonderful piece of equipment and well designed. I will definitely be hanging on to this light for a long time.  Thanks again for a wonderful product. - Chris

- Aug 19, 2011 (Thanks Fran!  For the full review, click here.)
"Today was my first ride with the taillight.  Our driveway feeds into a narrow single lane road, just wide enough for two cars to pass if they’re careful and go slow.  As I started pedaling, a pickup pulled behind me and would not pass.  Before the drivers just rolled by as I hugged the edge of the pavement.  This time he just sat behind me --- was the light that bright to shock and awe?  On a straight stretch with no cars coming the other way, I waved him on.  He pulled all the way over to the left and crept by, almost apologetically. 

 In about a half mile I joined a larger road and it was no more cars and all downhill to the main road.  There the fun began.  The first 20 cars gave me such a wide berth, I wondered if they thought that the taillight was a laser and would burn off their car’s paint.  Nearly everyone had their left tires on top of the double yellow; except those who went over it." - Fran

- Aug 9, 2011
"I got the light today. Everything looks perfect. The light is on my bike, and I'm familiar with it's operation.  I haven't been out for a ride yet, however I will not be returning the light (!)
You have a very good product. The attention to design and detail is second to none imo. I'm very impressed. I have a 400R on my seat post, and the 500 is on my left seat stay. I must say they work extremely well together." - Tom M.

- Aug 8, 2011
"I received the tail light and everything works really good. All I can say is WOW! The brightness is just crazy. I love it. When out on my first ride a couple days ago and didn't even get two blocks from the house and was stopped by a local sheriff deputy. He was so impressed by it that he wanted one for his mtn bike, so I gave him your email. Not to mention that a lot of  motorist seem to like the light because I received a lot of thumbs up and verbal compliments." - Jason

- Aug 6, 2011
"Hi Stephen: I did a 30 mile ride with my buddies today along with 120 other riders and received several compliments on your light. I had it set at level 3 since the riders behind me complain that it is too bright. Surprisingly, a guy on a motorcycle came up alongside and told me he had to get this light. He said he saw the light a half mile away at noon with full sunlight. I gave him the name of the light so you should be hearing from him. I was very surprised how much attention this light generated from other cyclists." - Dave

- Jul 28, 2011
"I’ve taken my DiNotte 400R and your DS-500 outside in broad sunshine and the DS-500 is phenomenally better than the DiNotte 400R. I can’t believe it. ...
You are right, in the dark, from 90 degree angle, the DS-500 makes a mockery out of the 400R." -V

- Jul 20, 2011
"OK, I finally had the time this afternoon to get the light mounted on the bike.  It does exactly what you said it would, and man oh man is it BRIGHT!!  Even on level 3 it's got plenty of ponies. I had a bit of trouble getting it into flashing mode but as with any new piece of equipment there is a learning curve involved.  Thank you so much for the fine piece of equipment..." - Jim

- April 25 to Jul 16, 2011
"Got my first test ride in today, did 20 miles in the rain, lights performed flawlessly...then there was someone on the side of the road waving me over, asking me about them, said they were the brightest he's ever seen and he could "see them for miles"...

Everything is working great. The other day I was on my way back ... from lunch and the gate guard stopped me and said "WHERED YOU GET THAT TAIL LIGHT... When you rode off, it made me look the other direction to see what it was, that thing is BRIGHT!".

Night riding seems a lot better with it, I had it on brightness level 2 and went for a 32 mile ride, almost every car slowed down and switched lanes, it was great." - Michael

- April 16, 2011
"Got it today -- wow, that thing is bright. I made the mistake of looking at it and I think I have permanent retina damage!! Easy install five minutes after the UPS guy drove away and I just got back from an hour test-ride. Excellent. Cash my check cuz I am FULLY satisfied!!

BTW, I was going for a ride yesterday and realized that I had failed to re-charge the battery after a really long ride Saturday that depleted it. Without the light, I didn't have the confidence to ride on the parkway and ended up going a different route. This light is really a game changer!" - Tom E.

Stephen Pethel,
Aug 19, 2011, 2:14 PM