The Maxflex controller is a highly capable BOOST controller that I'm using on both the taillight and headlight design.

The board was designed and made in the USA and has been refined over the years to be a very robust and simple-to-use LED controller, highly regarded by the DIY community. The micro-controller-based design is well thought out with regard to the real enemy of high power LED bike lighting, that is HEAT.  The board gets tested by the manufacturer and the designer before it ever reaches me, and I perform a "burn-in" on the board before it ever reaches you.

The gold pad on the back side of the board was intended to provide a low thermal resistance path to the outside world.  I use a custom designed aluminum piece that is bonded to the board with Artic Alumina for optimum heat transfer out of the controller.  In the extremely unlikely event that this board ever experiences a problem, the lights were designed to allow this $35 controller to be easily replaced with a single screw removal and basic soldering.

The MaxFlex user's manual for the board is attached below and can be used to change various aspects of the light's operation, including mode selection and superlock enable/disable as well as battery detection limits for changing battery configurations.  For superlock enable/disable, I actually wrote up a specific procedure (excerpted from MaxFlex manual), which is also attached below.

WARNING:  Under no circumstances should the maximum drive level (700mA) or thermal protection limits (60C headlight, 50C taillight) be changed.  If you need help with programming or are unsure if a setting is correct, feel free to drop me an email.

 7.4V li-ion settings (taillight only) (updated 3/6/2013):
  • Medium warning level:  7.1V
  • Low warning level:  6.7V
  • Cut-off level:  6.2V
 11.1V li-ion settings (taillight and headlight):
  • Medium warning level:  10.9V
  • Low warning level:  10.5V
  • Cut-off level:  9.4V
 14.8V li-ion settings (headlight only):
  • Medium warning level:  14.5V
  • Low warning level:  14.0V
  • Cut-off level:  12.5V

Stephen Pethel,
Sep 3, 2011, 7:43 AM
Stephen Pethel,
Sep 2, 2011, 2:48 PM