BeamShot Comparisons

NEW beam shots from the new batch of XP-Es are over on the new web site.

Some comparisons of the DesignShine vs. MagicShine (P7 based) headlights.
All night time shots taken with recommended MTBR beamshot comparison settings:  Exposure = 6 sec, Aperture = 4.0, ISO = 100, White balance = daylight
Comments for a particular image are on the TOP of the image.

What do you get when you combine 6 of the world's best LED's into one package with tuned optics?  1300 Lumens of devastating visibility.
Bottom of the image is about 3 ft in front of the front wheel.
Camera is placed at the location of the rider's head, with the light on the handlebar.
Bike leaning on tree is approximately 85 ft away.  Fence posts are 8 ft apart.  Fence in the far background is over 300 ft away.
This level of brightness and coverage will easily compete with any single headlight on the market today.
Click image for high-resolution.

Light Bar Setup

20 degree offset (DesignShine on the right)

10 degree offset

Daytime Comparison of the Magicshine on high (left) vs. DesignShine on high (right) with yellow filter lens.

Spots on the fence:  Magicshine on low.  Notice you cannot see the pedestal base.  (I do like the soft glow you get off of the orange peel reflector.)

DesignShine on low.  Notice the pedestal being illuminated by "spill" light out of the bottom of the lens cover.  Also note how far behind the light the shot is and there is still visible "spill" light from the side.  (May need to increase the brightness of your monitor if you can't see this).

All together now.  Both lights on low.  DS has more than double the spot area.

MagicShine on low side spill shot from about -5 degrees behind the light.

DesignShine on low from -5 degrees behind the light.  Nice amount of spill light coming out.

Side by side shot of both lights on high, off-road.  MagicShine on left, DesignShine on right.

MS on high, click to see full res in separate window

DS on high, click to see full res in separate window

MS on high on road, click to see high res in separate window

DS on high on road, click to see high res in separate window.  Notice the warmer color temperature. 

Both lights on low about 5 degrees off angle viewed from the front.  DesignShine on the right.

The following three shots were taken from about 15 feet behind the lights to give a better perspective on how the narrow frosted lens on the XPG triple does a good job of smoothing out the beam pattern.  Image two (XPG-Narrow Frosted, XPE-Spot) is now the standard configuration.

(DS Only) XPG-Spot, XPE-Spot

(DS Only) XPG-Narrow Frosted, XPE-Spot (the new standard)

Both of the above lights on at the same time... 2600 lumens.

Side light comparison

New Dual XPE, aka "Throw Monster"

User provided map of taillight visibility testing during full sun conditions.  The black is the angle that the light was pointing.  The red is the "off-angle" line where the user
commented that the light actually "caught" his eye and made him look to the left.