Sepia Love
This tutorial was written by me aka Designs By Lynne.
Any resemblance to other lessons or tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.
Please do not repost this tutorial to the web or any other group without my express written permission.
Please do not attempt to change this tutorial in any way or claim it as your own.

This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSPx (any version will work)
Animation Shop
My supplies (at bottom of page)
Tube(s) Of choice
I am using the beautiful artwork of deacon black
you can purchase his work
supplies or kit of choice
I am using the Beautiful Free "Sea Shells" Scrap Kit by Distictively Auri Scraps
you can find it HERE

Lets begin:

new image 550x550 transparent
Open DA_SPaper8  resize 80%  copy and paste as new layer
Open DA_SPaper5  resoze 80%  copy and paste as new layer
change the blend mode on this layer to burn
Open tube_filly(1103)  copy and paste as new layer
with pick tool stretch out to meet edges
move below first page  change blend mode on this layer to multiply

Open Tube ss_232  resize 80%x3  place in upper right corner
move below face tube  change blend mode to overlay

Open tube ss_791  copy and paste as new layer
move this below the last tube  change blend mode to soft light
Merge visible
with preset tool rectangle  width 25 colr white draw a frame as shown

convert to rater layer  magic wand click inside frame
Open paper5 again resize 50%  copy and paste into selection
Effects>Inner Bevel  with these settings

Select none
On merged layer resize to fit inside frame
merge frame layer down  resize 90%
Open your tube of choice  place in bottom left corner
(if you need to erase some of the tube so it looks like its inside the frame do so)
add drop shadow of choice
Open DASVine2  Adjust>Hue Saturation>Colorize>Sepia
posotion where you like  move this below the frame   duplicate mirror
duplicate again and then flip  duplicate  mirror

Open DAHeart3  repeat hue and saturation as before
move to right side of frame
Open DASBlossom1  colroze as before resize as desired
place top left corner duplicate move this down alittle
(see tag for placement)
Resize if desired  save as JPEG
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