This Tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed:
PSPX(any version will work)
mask of choice
i am using 91_kris mask
Xenofex2 Constellation
Tube(s) of choice
I'm using the beautiful Artwork of Renee use her work please go HERE
Kit or Supplies of choice
Im using the beautiful "sweet Hearts" Scrapkit by Urban Mermaid Designs   you can purchase it HERE

Lets Begin:

New Image 550x550
Open UMD_SH_Frame1
resize 95% bicubic
copy and paste as new layer

Open UMD_SH_Paper8
resize 85%
click on bottom layer
copy and paste as new layer
apply your mask...i am using 91_Kris mask   delete mask merge group
hide your mask layer 
make frame layer active
magic wand click inside of frame
selections  modify  expand by 3
Open UMD_SH_Paper2
resize 60%  copy and paste as new layer
selections invert  hit delete on keyboard  selections none
 Open UMD_SH_Element5
copy and paste as new layer
place to the right of the frame
(see tag for placemant)
Open UMD_SH_Wordart3
resize if desired  copy and paste as new layer
place in middle of frame
Open your tube you are using  resize if desired
place at bottom left corner
Open UMD_Element7  resize 70%  copy and paste as new layer 
image mirror   place in upper left of frame
at this point add any copyright info needed
If no animation is wanted  merge all flatten  resize if desired and save as JPEG
To Animate please continue
Activate Heart Element7
Xenofex Constellation  with these settings
hit ok
Open Animation Shop
paste as new animation
Back in PSP
repeat this process 2 more times for a total of 3 frames   undoing the constellation each time.....hitting random seed
each time
In animation paste after current frame

View animation  resize if desired

save as GIF