How Does
This tutorial was written by me Lynne aka Designs By Lynne.
Any resemblance to other lessons or tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.
Please do not repost this tutorial to the web or any other group without my express written permission.
Please do not attempt to change this tutorial in any way or claim it as your own.

This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed:
PSPX (any version will work)
Animation shop
Tube(s) of choice

I am using the beautiful artwork of Monte Moore  you can purchase his work

Kit or supplies of choice
I am using the awesome "Fruity Bananza" by JosDZigns
you can purchase it

Lets begin:

New image 550x550  flood fill white
Open Green frame   resize  80%
copy and paste as new image
magic wand  click inside frame
Open paper_07   resize 80%
copy and paste as new layer
selections  invert   hit delete

Open paper_04  resize 80%
copy and paste as new layer  hit delete
selections none
change blend mode on this layer to SOFT LIGHT

Open watermelon half  resize 80%x2
copy and paste as new layer
Open half lime and orange
resize 60%  copy and paste as new layers
place all fruit bottom right corner under frame layer
Open leaf accent   resize 60%x2
copy nd paste as new layer  move below fruit slices
(see tag for placement)
duplicate  mirror

Open red &green suckers
resize 60%  copy and paste as new layers
move below leaf layers

Open bead line   resize 60x2
copy and paste as new layer
duplicate flip move one to bottom of frame the other to the top

Open lady bug 01&02  resize both 50%
copy and paste both 01 to the right bottom
copy and pasye the other top left
image free rotate 60 to both one left and the other right
so it looks like they are going straight

Edit copy merged
open animation shop  paste as new animation
Back in PSP move each bug across frame
copy merged and paste after current frame in animation
repeat  this until you have reached the opposite side of the frame with both bugs
click on first frame  select all
Animation>frame Properties> change this to 20
if happy with speed  resize if desired
save as GIF