Fairy Twinkle
This tutorial was written by me Lynne aka Designs By Lynne.
Any resemblance to other lessons or tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.
Please do not repost this tutorial to the web or any other group without my express written permission.
Please do not attempt to change this tutorial in any way or claim it as your own.

This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed:
PSPX (any version will work)
Animation shop
Tube(s) of choice

I'm using the beautiful artwork of Martin Abel. To use his work please visit
Kit or supplies of choice
I'm using "Twinklin Fireflies" ScrapKit By JoDZigns
which can be purchased
Lets Begin:

new image  550x550   flood fill white

Open Blue Scallop Frame   resize 85%
copy and paste as new layer
magic wand   click inside frame
selections  modify  expand by 2
Open paper 04   resize 85%
copy and paste as new layer
move below frame layer
selections  invert  delete
keep selected
Open paper 01   resize 85%
copy and paste as new layer
hit delete  select none
change blend mode on this layer to MULTIPLY
go up to image canvas size
change width&height to  700  center
this can be cropped or resized later

Open paper 14
click on bottom layer
copy and paste as new layer
apply mask of choice
I am using WSL_mask 11
resize mask layer 85%
move up to th eleft
(see tag for placement)
Open your tube of choice
resize if needed
copy and paste as new layer
sit  your tube to the right of the frame

Open cloud  resize 85%x2
copy and paste as new layer
set to the upper left of the frame
(see tag for placement)

Open pink lantern   resize 60%x2
than again at 90%
copy and paste as new layer
move below your tube layer so it looks like she is holding it

Open green firefly  resize  60%x2
copy and paste as new layer
move down below lantern so it looks like its trapped in latern
Open pink bow  resize if desired
place around frame at different points

Open pink & green fireflies
resize as before
copy and paste as new layers
place to liking or like mine
(see tag for placement)
copy merged
Open animation shop
paste as new animation
at this point you should do any resizing
if you resize edit copy   edit paste after current frame
we need 2 frames for the twinkles
Open your twink Tubesedit select all
edit copy

edit paste into current frame
and place on the back end of the firefly
(do this for each firefly you have)

If happy
save as GIF