Blue Orchid

This tutorial was written by me Lynne aka Designs By Lynne.
Any resemblance to other lessons or tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.
Please do not repost this tutorial to the web or any other group without my express written permission.
Please do not attempt to change this tutorial in any way or claim it as your own.
This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed:
PSPX2 (any version will work)
Animation shop
Tube(s) of choice
I am using the awesome artwork of Ishmael Rac
you can purchase his work 
Scrapkit of choice:
I a using Stacey Designs  "Gemini" Scrapkit
you can purchase it
lets begin:

new image 550x550 flood fill white
Open paper6
resize by pixels  550x550
copy and paste as new layer
open paper9
resize by pixels 550x550
copy and paste as new layer
change blend mode on this layer to MULTIPLY
merge down  duplicate
hide first paper layer
Open button frame1
resize 70%  copy and paster as new layer
magic wand  click inside of frame
selections modify  expand by 1
selections invert delete
selections none

open your tube of choice
resize if needed
copy and paste as new layer
move below frame layer  duplicate
move this above frame layer
eraser tool  erase all parts that are over hanging
open closed layer make it active
layers> load mask and apply mask of choice
delete mask merge group
open your tube of choice
resize if needed
copy and paste as new layer  mirror
place left side
open butterfly2
resize 40%x2
place upper right corner of frame
open bow1
resize 30%  then again at70%
copy and paste as new layer
place bottom right of frame
image free rotate right 40
move over bow

open broom3  resize 30% and then again at 70%
copy and paste as new layer
image free rotate 40 right
place over bow bottom right

add any copyright info that is needed
click on layer below frame
Gran  6  aggr  30
tess 12  variation 8

copy merged
open animation shop  paste as new animation
back in psop undo effects and repeat process 2 more times
for a total of 3 frames in animation
view animation if happy with speed
resize if desired
save as GIF*